Monday, 7 April 2014

Lush Golden Egg bath Bomb

"Fresh, handmade and better than chocolate,"
It's finally April therefore it is now acceptable to drown myself in chocolate and have baths filled with lush Easter bath bombs! I do love April, the weather gets warmer, days get longer and by the end of it I'm left with a load of free chocolate. 
In Lush I must have stood there staring at this bath bomb for a good 10 minutes. The glitter really put me of at first, I just kept thinking of myself coming out the bath glistening like Edward Cullen. The customer assistant was ever so lovely and assured me I would not resemble Edward Cullen so the purchase was made.
Let me start by telling you about the sumptuous honey-toffee fragrance! I love anything sweet scented so this was an instant win for me. But it is not too strong and in your face, only if like me you pretty much try and stuff it up your nose.
It dissolved so quickly in my bath (placed under the pouring tap) and I pretty much just threw the whole bath bomb in the bath. It took under 3 minutes to dissolve, which for a Lush bath bomb is quick!
It left my skin feeling smooth and soft and gave of a decent amount of bubbles without drowning me. The glitter was hardly noticeable, just a slight shimmer in the water but none appeared to be on my when I got out. 
So if you are cautiously eyeing this up, get it!


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