Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Eye-shadows and lipsticks are my favourite make-up pieces to buy, purely because you can be so creative with them and make so many different looks! So when I was at the Smashbox counter and saw this with about 20 others smiling back at me I had to pick it up.
The palette comes with 14 shades, 7 shimmer and 7 matte. Best of both worlds ay? The colours are gorgeous and such a good mix from light browns to black and greys. 
The colour pay of is amazing and the textures are lovely however, I do tend to find after about 4 hours I find myself questioning "er where has my eyeshadow gone?". I'm not sure if they have a suckish staying power or because my eye primer isn't good enough. But for a £36 palette they should be forever and ever on my eye lids. Nether the less, they look the bomb!
Shimmer S1
Shimmer S2
Shimmer S3
Shimmer S4
Shimmer S5
Shimmer S6
Shimmer S7
The shimmer shades are gorgeous with just the right amount of shimmer, personally I don't like too much shimmer as I think it's way to much. My favourite is S4 which is a light champagne shade, I use it all over the lid and sometimes in the corner of my eyes as it really makes them pop!
Just like the shimmer shades the matte ones have an amazing colour play off. My favourite has to be M2 which is a light brown,which looks ever so sassy in the crease!
The palette also comes with a double ended brush, which shockingly for a compact brush is really good. It has 2 ends, one for shimmer and one for matte which really helps to pack the colour on!
The palette also comes with a free tester mascara, which to be honest was a let down. The brush is so large it is literally the same size as my eye, which means it gets everywhere! It also clumped up extremely quickly.
But the cherry on top of the cake was this cute little leaflet you get which tells you all the different eye shapes and what looks you can create with the palette that will suit your eye shape best.

Have you tried this palette or are you tempted to buy it now? Let me know in the comments and any other palettes you think I should try! Have a lovely day!


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