Friday, 30 May 2014

Nude, Bronzed and Falsies at the ready! Make-up Tutorial

One of those everyday make-up looks but with a little bit more spice! This was the make-up look I wore in my most recent youtube video (view it here its a massive haul) Bronzed face, with nude lips and some falsies is what I am currently loving! A lot of you asked to see tutorials so I thought this would be a nice simple one for me to start with. I will be using quite a few high end products but you can always switch them up to something a little more affordable! 
The first thing I do is of course apply my primer, being the oil creature I am this is a must. I used Benefit's porefessional as do I really need to explain why? It is literally magical oil fighting gooey stuff. I then use Maybellines fit me concealer in my exact shade colour to cover blemishes such as spots and scars (review here). Followed by my foundation, I use Estee Lauders Double Wear as I love a heavy coverage that gives me a flawless base (review here). Make sure to take your foundation a little down your neck so it really blends in, also do this for any powders you may be using or take your bronzer down a bit for an extra bit of bronze.
I use a different concealer for under my eyes because I like to use one usually two shades lighter than my skin tone. I do this because it cancels out the blue purplely tones that are under my eyes, along with highlighting that area that makes my cheekbones appear more prominent. For this I use Collections lasting perfection concealer as it lasts all day and of course doesn't crease which is a must for under the eyes! For powder this is a most recent favourite, MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish in Natural. Reviews will be up shortly for both these products incase you are interested. This powder leaves your skin looking flawless, covers bumps and the lot!
I then like to sort my lips out, so that when I do apply my lipstick they are nice and soft. None of us want that crusty lipstick look, now do we? I use a Lipscrub from Lush to get ready of any dead skin, then I go in with a chapstick just to extra moisturise them.
After my base is all flawless and smooth I then add definition to my face. Personally I don't like the canvas look foundation gives and I like to add colour and shadows back into my face. To do this and to create an illusion of a nicer jaw line and cheekbones, using bronzer and highlighter. I use Yves Saint Laurents Touche Eclat highlighter on my eyebrow bone, above my cheek bones, slightly under my eyes and sometimes down my nose. Use these areas as that is where the sun catches, so it creates the illusion of duey skin. I then contour using Benefit's Hoola but I only do this under the cheek bones and sometimes down the side of my face up to my forehead. This creates a shadow and definition to the face making your jaw pop.
Incase any of you reading are interesting here are the face brushes I use, from left to right. All Real Techniques, The Buffing brush I use the buffing brush for everything, it is so multi functional. I mainly use it to buff in and apply my foundation and concealer as it doesn't leave any lines and leaves you with a really even finish. The contour brush, I use this to apply and blend in my bronzer as it is the perfect size. Not to big and not to small, so it doesn't apply to much bronzer on to the face. Concealer brush, I use this for blending around my nose and blending in my highlighter under my eyes and under my brows. The powder brush, of course I use this to apply my powder. Lastly I used the strippling brush, which I use when I am too lazy to clean the buffing brush. Don't act like we all don't spend that extra tenner so we can be lazy... 
Eyeshadow, my favourite part. I feel like with make-up this is the part where you can be really creative and arty. For this look I decided to go for a classic smokey subtle eye. I love the way it came out like an ashey grey. I used light shades in the corner of my eyes and darkened it as I went out. Blend, blend, blend!
I haven't really experimented with eye brushes as they can be so expensive so I just use this set I got from Cath Kidston. They do a good job!
I very rarely wear eyeliner in my tear duct but I am a frequent user of liquid eyeliner! I go between Maybellines Master Precise and L'Oreals Super Liner, depending on what is nearest to me. For this look I decided to make my eyes appear more awake and bigger so I used Rimmel London's Scandel Eyes in my tear duct.For this look I wanted to wear falsies, as after I was filming a youtube video. So I only used a one coat of mascara. On my top lashes I use They're Real and on my bottom lashes I use Yves Saint Laurents baby doll mascara. Baby doll is a much smaller brush so really easy to apply on small lashes and They're real is quite a bigger brush that gives off tones of volume so is too much when applied to bottom lashes.
Now false eyelashes... not everyones cup of tea, especially when they can be so hard to put on. I use really small tweezers to hold the eye lash and push it down. When on the eye lid I push down the middle of the lash first, then the eye corner, then the other end. Super hard to explain over text so I might film a video on how to apply falsies. For this tutorial I used Eylures girls aloud edition, which I had to cut down because they were to big for my eye lids.
And lastly for make-up I apply my lipstick. This changes all the time but for this look I used Yves Saint Laurents lipstick in 08 and MAC's Japanese Maple as together they create the perfect pinky nude.

Should I do more of these tutorial posts? If so what type of things would you like to see, doesn't have to just be make-up! Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, 28 May 2014


When reading through the post suggestions on the posts you would like to see most on my giveaway it is fair to say 'haul posts' was the number one suggestion. For good reason to! Who doesn't love to be nosey, see what people are buying and best of all its a nice little way to see what is out there in the shops! If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I love Topshop so of course my debt card was used in there!
I picked up a quite a few things more recently but have left them out of this haul so if you go on to watch my youtube video (link here) of my massive haul there will be some surprises! But in Topshop I picked up these cute cat shorts, some gingham flats, of course I picked up a lipstick and this adorable old fashioned dog tooth scarf along with a necklace with my name on it, cheap and cheerful at its finest! 
In the train station I was at while waiting for my train I popped into Paperchase and picked up this adorable little postcard for 60p, how could I resist?
I am still attempting to eat healthy so I have been popping out of Holland and Barrett like crazy. Sadly, well not really sadly as I am eating the healthy food I can't show you it, as I have ate it. But I have picked up a few things here and there, such as these chapsticks which are amazing! But I will save all that chat for a review! I also picked up green tea to try and their magazine for motivation
False nails, oh how I do love something quick and easy when it comes to nails! These have been my closest friends this month.. literally
I also picked up this colour by Barry M as I need some more summery colours in my collection! I was kindly sent this phone case by a company called Nutcase, but I am doing a full detailed post on the case and the brand soon! How adorable is Bambi
I got Frozen! That is all
This month I also got my Macbook, so if you have a Macbook and do blogging or youtube on it I would love some tips on programmes you use, how you customise it etc

I have a youtube video up of a HAUL of me showing all these products in detail and even more products, as you know I shop quite a bit... Check it out here!

or my last HAUL video which was recently too, opps. 


Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Sunday Chin Wag

Incase you are sitting in confusion a chin wag is a typical British saying meaning 'a chat'. Now that I have cleared up my pun lets get into my rambly, hopefully interesting chin wag.
First off, hello to my new readers! Feel free to refer to me as Soph and what not in the comments. Always open to a chat over email or twitter, and sophie_blackman on twitter. Nice unique usernames, I know!
Now my phone broke 2 days ago and I have not been home, so when I came home and switched on my Mac I was so surprised by all the emails I had from you guys, new followers and new subscribers! I was generally so happily surprised and I had so many lovely comments, one really touched my heart where a lovely girl was telling me how she read all my blog posts right to my very first one while eating chocolate Galaxy Counters, wish I could of been there to steal them from her.
Jokes a side and the sloppery speech to one side, EXAMS ARE OVER! Yes and of course that means, more time for blogging!
On my MAC GIVEAWAY post which is still running for only 5 more days!! (click here to enter) I had so many comments on what blog posts I should do, so these are some you can expect!

  • Tutorials 
  • Hauls
  • Dupes of designer products
  • Reviews
  • Swatches
  • Favourites
  • Travelling 
  • Lifestyle posts
  • New ins
  • get ready with me's
  • DIY Beauty products
  • Eye make-up tutorials
  • Top 5/10 posts
I will also be incorporating these into my youtube videos so go and subscribe if you would like to check them out! I have a HAUL video going up tomorrow on there as well for all you nosey buggers! (like me) I'm currently on 99 subscribers which is very tense!

So if you have any other suggests that aren't beautifully bullet pointed above please feel free to leave them in the comments! I want to do posts that I not only enjoy create but you enjoy reading, while sipping tea or coffee of course! Or if you have an idea for one of the ideas bullet pointed such as for tutorials 'DIY lip scrub'. Yes sneak peak that will be up soon!

A massive haul post is due to go up tomorrow evening, so stay tuned for that. Have a lovely day! 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Acne scaring, something I seemed to be cursed with. At the end of the day I remove my make-up and I am left with scars staring back at me in the mirror. But the worst of all is when the scars show through my foundation, especially after a few hours of wearing my foundation! Now you may wonder, yes Soph get to the point. This concealer is magical when it comes to covering scars, acne scars and any blemish on my face. Whether it be a spot of just redness. I don't use it under my eyes because it is very close to my own skin colour, so that is why I think it covers blemishes so well. I use this after my primer and before my foundation to just go over any blemishes or scars, so that after my foundation is done my skin looks flawless!
The concealer is easy to blend, I use my real techniques blending brush to buff it into the skin. The packaging is sleek and thin, very much like the Nars concealer packaging. 
Now by the end of the day I feel a lot better about my skins appearance, I don't touch up as much and of course it has boosted my confidence and for under £8 its not breaking the bank!

Do you have any products that really make you feel confident? If so I would love to know!

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Charles Worthington, The man we all need in our life's!

There is often and frequent times where the phrase 'blogging made me do it' lingers through my mind as I browse through a beauty store. Searching for the most talked about products to see if they do possess these magical powers other beauty bloggers claim. Charles Worthington as a brand needed to be tested, I have heard so many amazing claims that the products gave so much life and volume to peoples hair. So when Boots had a deal for 3 for 2 on high-end haircare how could I not throw some Charles in my basket!
I decided on testing Charles volume and bounce range as the only problem I seem to have with my hair is that 60% off the time it lacks volume. I picked up the shampoo, the texturising spray and the root lift backcomb powder. 
So what do I think after all the hype?
The shampoo, I am lost for words. The volume generally kind of shocked me. I wasn't expecting to wake up the next morning to such bouncy, big hair. Of course I am not complaining but it totally does what it says on the packaging! It claims to deal with heat protecting which I am not so sure of as I don't use heat on my hair, although personally I wouldn't trust it and would still use a heat spray. It claims to be a Salon at home with Salon inspired formulas, which being honest I do agree with. It feels so luxurious after washing it and the scent of it reminds me of going to the Salon so badly.
Also Charles Worthington products are against animal cruelty, can we get a round of applause? 

The Texturising Spray was the first product I picked up as it is the most hyped about currently in the blogging world. I first saw Fleur de Force talking about it in one of her favourite videos, which for someone with so much beauty knowledge I trusted her opinion and threw it in my basket. Basically it is what it says, a texturising spray. Gives a backcomb effect, height, texture for certain and volume. But what I love most about this product is how it isn't greasy! Most texturising sprays I have used have been so greasy and messy, where as this one is not. However, although it has good qualities the bad outweighs the good in this products case. It makes the hair clump together, hard to brush through and generally it doesn't look sexy more like I've been working in a fast food place. Harsh but true.

Feeling rather mean about hating on the texturising spray lets move on to the Root Lift Backcomb Powder, which to say the least is fantastic. After using my magical shampoo, I apply this to the roots and BAM Pixie Lott and her volume hair needs to step back! It literally lifts it and makes it look amazing and full. It destroys the point of backcombing and all that effort. The product is basically a powdery substance made for volume, e.g. magical fairy dust that makes your hair come alive. 

What are your favourite hair products? tell me in the comments I would love to know!

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Room Decor

One of my favourite posts to read is room decor, may sound boring to some but to hopefully some of you at least, like me you find room decor exciting. Who doesn't want to make their own space feel personal and look beautiful? I have recently decided that after my holiday I am going to do up my bedroom! I want to rip down the wallpaper and generally change the whole look and feel of the room. 
A theme? Its fair to say I am rather bored of having a theme to my room. Currently you may know my room is black and white, and I'm tired of seeing something pretty and pink but not getting it for my room as it doesn't fit the 'theme'. So I am going for the modern look of mix and match. I have already seen a tone of pieces that I want for my room, some of them are really out there!
So I suppose this random post is to say would you guys like to see update posts on my room? Such as decor wishlists, decor hauls, pictures etc? Leave a comment in the comments saying what you would like to see! 

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

You got a friend in me + Chit Chat

If you got the Toys Story quote in the title then we are already friends. The explanation for the doughnuts, I just finished my English Language A Level exam. Therefore, doughnuts are allowed.
Currently I am just chilling after my exam, browsing blogs, writing posts and stuffing my face. When the thought suddenly occurred to me, I can't share any of this with my friends really. They don't understand my excitement at things like, the new Benefit realise, that new perfume in John Lewis or Yves Saint Laurent's wild edition packaging. How nice it would be to be able to share all this information with someone, get tips from and ideas from! I suppose what I am saying is that I would like some friends that share the same interests in blogging as me.
If you are interested or like me simply want to be able to talk to someone with similar interests you can email me at or tweet me @sophie_blackman
Now that I have a lot more spare time with exams being out the way I have unlimited amount of time for my blog, I already have a line of posts lined up ready to be published and plenty more in my head! Leave in the comments any posts at all you would be interested in seeing on my little corner of the web!

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Impress - Minnie Mouse

I love anything to do with Disney, except Cruella Deville even as a child the thought of her skinning dalmatian puppies terrified me! However she is a made up character so lets move on to happier subjects, shall we!
Impress nails are, how shall I word it... flawless! Yes they are the perfect cheap manicure,  now you may see these fake nails on a shop floor for £7.99 and question, how is that cheap? A standard manicure (with a pattern in a salon is usually around £20 - £25) and they last up to 3 weeks to maybe a month, depending on how quickly your nails grow out. Impress nails last up to 2 weeks, are so quick to do, you don't even have to leave your bedroom and you can re-use impress nails by simply re-applying them with a nail glue! As they come with pre-glue in side. Which makes applying them insanely fast!
They don't chip like painting the design would and they have stopped me biting my nails, which has become a nasty habit with the stress of exams. 
Like I said I picked these ones as I loved the design and hey, its Disney themed how could you not chuck them in your basket?
As sad as it sounds but I can't stop looking at my hands while I wear these as they just look so adorable and pretty! If you have any cheap false nail brands that you like please share in the comments!

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