Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Sunday Chin Wag

Incase you are sitting in confusion a chin wag is a typical British saying meaning 'a chat'. Now that I have cleared up my pun lets get into my rambly, hopefully interesting chin wag.
First off, hello to my new readers! Feel free to refer to me as Soph and what not in the comments. Always open to a chat over email or twitter, and sophie_blackman on twitter. Nice unique usernames, I know!
Now my phone broke 2 days ago and I have not been home, so when I came home and switched on my Mac I was so surprised by all the emails I had from you guys, new followers and new subscribers! I was generally so happily surprised and I had so many lovely comments, one really touched my heart where a lovely girl was telling me how she read all my blog posts right to my very first one while eating chocolate Galaxy Counters, wish I could of been there to steal them from her.
Jokes a side and the sloppery speech to one side, EXAMS ARE OVER! Yes and of course that means, more time for blogging!
On my MAC GIVEAWAY post which is still running for only 5 more days!! (click here to enter) I had so many comments on what blog posts I should do, so these are some you can expect!

  • Tutorials 
  • Hauls
  • Dupes of designer products
  • Reviews
  • Swatches
  • Favourites
  • Travelling 
  • Lifestyle posts
  • New ins
  • get ready with me's
  • DIY Beauty products
  • Eye make-up tutorials
  • Top 5/10 posts
I will also be incorporating these into my youtube videos so go and subscribe if you would like to check them out! I have a HAUL video going up tomorrow on there as well for all you nosey buggers! (like me) I'm currently on 99 subscribers which is very tense!

So if you have any other suggests that aren't beautifully bullet pointed above please feel free to leave them in the comments! I want to do posts that I not only enjoy create but you enjoy reading, while sipping tea or coffee of course! Or if you have an idea for one of the ideas bullet pointed such as for tutorials 'DIY lip scrub'. Yes sneak peak that will be up soon!

A massive haul post is due to go up tomorrow evening, so stay tuned for that. Have a lovely day! 

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