Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Charles Worthington, The man we all need in our life's!

There is often and frequent times where the phrase 'blogging made me do it' lingers through my mind as I browse through a beauty store. Searching for the most talked about products to see if they do possess these magical powers other beauty bloggers claim. Charles Worthington as a brand needed to be tested, I have heard so many amazing claims that the products gave so much life and volume to peoples hair. So when Boots had a deal for 3 for 2 on high-end haircare how could I not throw some Charles in my basket!
I decided on testing Charles volume and bounce range as the only problem I seem to have with my hair is that 60% off the time it lacks volume. I picked up the shampoo, the texturising spray and the root lift backcomb powder. 
So what do I think after all the hype?
The shampoo, I am lost for words. The volume generally kind of shocked me. I wasn't expecting to wake up the next morning to such bouncy, big hair. Of course I am not complaining but it totally does what it says on the packaging! It claims to deal with heat protecting which I am not so sure of as I don't use heat on my hair, although personally I wouldn't trust it and would still use a heat spray. It claims to be a Salon at home with Salon inspired formulas, which being honest I do agree with. It feels so luxurious after washing it and the scent of it reminds me of going to the Salon so badly.
Also Charles Worthington products are against animal cruelty, can we get a round of applause? 

The Texturising Spray was the first product I picked up as it is the most hyped about currently in the blogging world. I first saw Fleur de Force talking about it in one of her favourite videos, which for someone with so much beauty knowledge I trusted her opinion and threw it in my basket. Basically it is what it says, a texturising spray. Gives a backcomb effect, height, texture for certain and volume. But what I love most about this product is how it isn't greasy! Most texturising sprays I have used have been so greasy and messy, where as this one is not. However, although it has good qualities the bad outweighs the good in this products case. It makes the hair clump together, hard to brush through and generally it doesn't look sexy more like I've been working in a fast food place. Harsh but true.

Feeling rather mean about hating on the texturising spray lets move on to the Root Lift Backcomb Powder, which to say the least is fantastic. After using my magical shampoo, I apply this to the roots and BAM Pixie Lott and her volume hair needs to step back! It literally lifts it and makes it look amazing and full. It destroys the point of backcombing and all that effort. The product is basically a powdery substance made for volume, e.g. magical fairy dust that makes your hair come alive. 

What are your favourite hair products? tell me in the comments I would love to know!

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