Sunday, 11 May 2014

Impress - Minnie Mouse

I love anything to do with Disney, except Cruella Deville even as a child the thought of her skinning dalmatian puppies terrified me! However she is a made up character so lets move on to happier subjects, shall we!
Impress nails are, how shall I word it... flawless! Yes they are the perfect cheap manicure,  now you may see these fake nails on a shop floor for £7.99 and question, how is that cheap? A standard manicure (with a pattern in a salon is usually around £20 - £25) and they last up to 3 weeks to maybe a month, depending on how quickly your nails grow out. Impress nails last up to 2 weeks, are so quick to do, you don't even have to leave your bedroom and you can re-use impress nails by simply re-applying them with a nail glue! As they come with pre-glue in side. Which makes applying them insanely fast!
They don't chip like painting the design would and they have stopped me biting my nails, which has become a nasty habit with the stress of exams. 
Like I said I picked these ones as I loved the design and hey, its Disney themed how could you not chuck them in your basket?
As sad as it sounds but I can't stop looking at my hands while I wear these as they just look so adorable and pretty! If you have any cheap false nail brands that you like please share in the comments!

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