Wednesday, 28 May 2014


When reading through the post suggestions on the posts you would like to see most on my giveaway it is fair to say 'haul posts' was the number one suggestion. For good reason to! Who doesn't love to be nosey, see what people are buying and best of all its a nice little way to see what is out there in the shops! If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I love Topshop so of course my debt card was used in there!
I picked up a quite a few things more recently but have left them out of this haul so if you go on to watch my youtube video (link here) of my massive haul there will be some surprises! But in Topshop I picked up these cute cat shorts, some gingham flats, of course I picked up a lipstick and this adorable old fashioned dog tooth scarf along with a necklace with my name on it, cheap and cheerful at its finest! 
In the train station I was at while waiting for my train I popped into Paperchase and picked up this adorable little postcard for 60p, how could I resist?
I am still attempting to eat healthy so I have been popping out of Holland and Barrett like crazy. Sadly, well not really sadly as I am eating the healthy food I can't show you it, as I have ate it. But I have picked up a few things here and there, such as these chapsticks which are amazing! But I will save all that chat for a review! I also picked up green tea to try and their magazine for motivation
False nails, oh how I do love something quick and easy when it comes to nails! These have been my closest friends this month.. literally
I also picked up this colour by Barry M as I need some more summery colours in my collection! I was kindly sent this phone case by a company called Nutcase, but I am doing a full detailed post on the case and the brand soon! How adorable is Bambi
I got Frozen! That is all
This month I also got my Macbook, so if you have a Macbook and do blogging or youtube on it I would love some tips on programmes you use, how you customise it etc

I have a youtube video up of a HAUL of me showing all these products in detail and even more products, as you know I shop quite a bit... Check it out here!

or my last HAUL video which was recently too, opps. 


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