Friday, 30 May 2014

Nude, Bronzed and Falsies at the ready! Make-up Tutorial

One of those everyday make-up looks but with a little bit more spice! This was the make-up look I wore in my most recent youtube video (view it here its a massive haul) Bronzed face, with nude lips and some falsies is what I am currently loving! A lot of you asked to see tutorials so I thought this would be a nice simple one for me to start with. I will be using quite a few high end products but you can always switch them up to something a little more affordable! 
The first thing I do is of course apply my primer, being the oil creature I am this is a must. I used Benefit's porefessional as do I really need to explain why? It is literally magical oil fighting gooey stuff. I then use Maybellines fit me concealer in my exact shade colour to cover blemishes such as spots and scars (review here). Followed by my foundation, I use Estee Lauders Double Wear as I love a heavy coverage that gives me a flawless base (review here). Make sure to take your foundation a little down your neck so it really blends in, also do this for any powders you may be using or take your bronzer down a bit for an extra bit of bronze.
I use a different concealer for under my eyes because I like to use one usually two shades lighter than my skin tone. I do this because it cancels out the blue purplely tones that are under my eyes, along with highlighting that area that makes my cheekbones appear more prominent. For this I use Collections lasting perfection concealer as it lasts all day and of course doesn't crease which is a must for under the eyes! For powder this is a most recent favourite, MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish in Natural. Reviews will be up shortly for both these products incase you are interested. This powder leaves your skin looking flawless, covers bumps and the lot!
I then like to sort my lips out, so that when I do apply my lipstick they are nice and soft. None of us want that crusty lipstick look, now do we? I use a Lipscrub from Lush to get ready of any dead skin, then I go in with a chapstick just to extra moisturise them.
After my base is all flawless and smooth I then add definition to my face. Personally I don't like the canvas look foundation gives and I like to add colour and shadows back into my face. To do this and to create an illusion of a nicer jaw line and cheekbones, using bronzer and highlighter. I use Yves Saint Laurents Touche Eclat highlighter on my eyebrow bone, above my cheek bones, slightly under my eyes and sometimes down my nose. Use these areas as that is where the sun catches, so it creates the illusion of duey skin. I then contour using Benefit's Hoola but I only do this under the cheek bones and sometimes down the side of my face up to my forehead. This creates a shadow and definition to the face making your jaw pop.
Incase any of you reading are interesting here are the face brushes I use, from left to right. All Real Techniques, The Buffing brush I use the buffing brush for everything, it is so multi functional. I mainly use it to buff in and apply my foundation and concealer as it doesn't leave any lines and leaves you with a really even finish. The contour brush, I use this to apply and blend in my bronzer as it is the perfect size. Not to big and not to small, so it doesn't apply to much bronzer on to the face. Concealer brush, I use this for blending around my nose and blending in my highlighter under my eyes and under my brows. The powder brush, of course I use this to apply my powder. Lastly I used the strippling brush, which I use when I am too lazy to clean the buffing brush. Don't act like we all don't spend that extra tenner so we can be lazy... 
Eyeshadow, my favourite part. I feel like with make-up this is the part where you can be really creative and arty. For this look I decided to go for a classic smokey subtle eye. I love the way it came out like an ashey grey. I used light shades in the corner of my eyes and darkened it as I went out. Blend, blend, blend!
I haven't really experimented with eye brushes as they can be so expensive so I just use this set I got from Cath Kidston. They do a good job!
I very rarely wear eyeliner in my tear duct but I am a frequent user of liquid eyeliner! I go between Maybellines Master Precise and L'Oreals Super Liner, depending on what is nearest to me. For this look I decided to make my eyes appear more awake and bigger so I used Rimmel London's Scandel Eyes in my tear duct.For this look I wanted to wear falsies, as after I was filming a youtube video. So I only used a one coat of mascara. On my top lashes I use They're Real and on my bottom lashes I use Yves Saint Laurents baby doll mascara. Baby doll is a much smaller brush so really easy to apply on small lashes and They're real is quite a bigger brush that gives off tones of volume so is too much when applied to bottom lashes.
Now false eyelashes... not everyones cup of tea, especially when they can be so hard to put on. I use really small tweezers to hold the eye lash and push it down. When on the eye lid I push down the middle of the lash first, then the eye corner, then the other end. Super hard to explain over text so I might film a video on how to apply falsies. For this tutorial I used Eylures girls aloud edition, which I had to cut down because they were to big for my eye lids.
And lastly for make-up I apply my lipstick. This changes all the time but for this look I used Yves Saint Laurents lipstick in 08 and MAC's Japanese Maple as together they create the perfect pinky nude.

Should I do more of these tutorial posts? If so what type of things would you like to see, doesn't have to just be make-up! Let me know in the comments!


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