Monday, 5 May 2014

Ohh Deer Quirky Illustrated Gifts

There is nothing I love more than quirky illustrations, especially if they involve animals wearing clothes. I picked out these two cards for my boyfriend and my friend as their birthdays were both this month. I love unique cards, I must admit I hate when I buy someone a card and someone else buys them the exact same one. The cat wearing the geek jumper was for my boyfriend which suited our personal jokes perfectly. We have a huge love for grumpy looking cats and I just couldn't resist the card when I spotted it for £2.99 on ASOS! The support bras one was for my friend which is a personal joke.
There was so many to choose from, and I am going to be picking up some more with my next ASOS order as I now have a huge cork board in my room which after exams will need some cute decorations and things on it. (link here) also stocks canvas's, t-shirts, jumpers, mugs and so much more! 
The cards are so perfect for birthdays or if you just want to send a letter to someone, decorate your room and so much more!

Do you have any quirky illustration shops online you would like to share with me? Always on the hunt for new ones!

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