Saturday, 10 May 2014

Pretty Petals

Petal, can we just take time out to appreciate cute lipstick names? Also while we are appreciating, my background for the photographs are from some little summer shorts I brought recently, so keep your keeps peeled for a haul post and video! 
I have done many reviews of Topshop lipsticks such as the shades 'Depth' and 'Hazard'. Topshop lipsticks are amazing quality, last ages, pigmented and best of all Topshop have an amazing colour selection and for the price (£8) they are a bargain and up there with MAC quality! Yes I did just make that huge statement, no regrets. 
Petal is a beautiful nudey pink shade a dupe for MAC's creme cup, looks gorgeous with a smokey eye and bronzed face. 
The Topshop packaging is so unique and out there compared to other brands and looks so sleek in my mujii drawers (blogger thoughts ay).

Do you have any affordable brands that sell good quality lipsticks that you could recommend? Also while on the topic of lipstick make sure you enter my MAC GIVE-AWAY where you could win a MAC lipstick in any shade you desire!


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