Wednesday, 14 May 2014

You got a friend in me + Chit Chat

If you got the Toys Story quote in the title then we are already friends. The explanation for the doughnuts, I just finished my English Language A Level exam. Therefore, doughnuts are allowed.
Currently I am just chilling after my exam, browsing blogs, writing posts and stuffing my face. When the thought suddenly occurred to me, I can't share any of this with my friends really. They don't understand my excitement at things like, the new Benefit realise, that new perfume in John Lewis or Yves Saint Laurent's wild edition packaging. How nice it would be to be able to share all this information with someone, get tips from and ideas from! I suppose what I am saying is that I would like some friends that share the same interests in blogging as me.
If you are interested or like me simply want to be able to talk to someone with similar interests you can email me at or tweet me @sophie_blackman
Now that I have a lot more spare time with exams being out the way I have unlimited amount of time for my blog, I already have a line of posts lined up ready to be published and plenty more in my head! Leave in the comments any posts at all you would be interested in seeing on my little corner of the web!

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