Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Highlighter Wild Edition

Packaging, admit it ladies you want to buy this already! I am terrible for seeing cute packaging and practically throwing it at the sales assistant behind the till, along with my debt card. 
But seriously I have wanted to test out this highlighter for the longest time, I had heard amazing reviews, watched stunning adverts and more addressing its perfection. The price put me off as I thought I could get something similar from the drugstore and I did complete that task by finding the Lumi Highlighter by L'oreal, which yes is extremely similar! So when I saw this cute packaging I just decided to nab it up and chuck it at the sales assistant (of course I didn't).
The packaging feels so luxurious and as does the product. Lets start with how and where I apply the product. The tops of the apples of my cheeks, to highlight my cheek bones. Under my eyebrows, to highlight the brow bone and basically any bones on my face which I wish to highlight while contouring. It works beautifully creating a natural looking highlight and by like 8pm that night after applying in the morning I can still see the gleam and highlight of the product lingering away on my skin. The texture is creamy which makes it super duper easy to work with and the pen like tip makes it easy to apply to places like under the brow, above the lip line and on the sides of the nose. 
If you love contouring and highlighting like I do or want to try out something new then I would 100% recommend this highlighter, just don't chuck it at the sales assistant.

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