Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Beauty Day! By Benefit

£9.95 Boots

Queuing up in Boots the other day, with a over flowing basket filled to the brim with items I do not need. This little set caught my eye, cleverly placed by the till point I just couldn't leave it behind! 
Inside it came with mini's of bad gal, porefessional and posie tint. I haven't tried bad gal and the posie tint before so mini's are always perfect to test things out, rather than spend £20 on each for the full sizes. The porefessional mini is going to be so perfect for when I go on holiday, as I don't plan to wear make-up much any ways but when I do I have a handy miniature with me. 
The first thing I tested out was Posie Tint as it is such a beautiful summery shade. The formula is gloss like, leaving a glossy, moisturising finish. Which is perfect for when I am on holiday as I won't be wearing anything sticky or drying. The hot pink shade will look gorgeous with a tan. It doesn't leave my lips feeling sticky but I do have to scrub and moisturise my lips before hand as it can stick to dry skin (gross).
Bad Gal is the blackest mascara I have ever come across, along with They're Real also by Benefit. It leaves my lashes looking long however, I am still favouring They're Real. The brush on Bad Gal is far to big and leaves me with those dreaded black specs around my eyes and with clumpy lashes. So thank god I brought the mini not the full size!
I will 100% be trying to buy minis from now on instead of full sized products to do reviews with and to try out, it saves so much money and tears! My bank account will be thanking me.

I plan to post up my giveaway this week, however I really don't want to use raffle copter again because it is £8! So if anyone knows a cheap service that is similar to raffle copter please let me know! Also I haven't posted this week as my laptop charger broke, so posts will resume as everyday next week.

What's your favourite Benefit product? I would love to know in the comments!


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