Wednesday, 25 June 2014

OPI Minnie Mouse Collection - Review

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might have seen that I have featured this gorgeous set by OPI before. What’s better than OPI, Disney and a range of pink to red shades? I reviewed ‘Magazine Cover Mouse’ so if you would like to see how that shade looks on click here!
I’m a sucker for any pink shades on my nails, my favourite being baby pinks. So ‘Chic from Ears to Tails’ looked like the ultimate perfect shade for me. However, my one and only compliant for this polish is that the shade comes out so much darker when applied to the nails. It comes out as a hot pink, which is fine unless like me you wanted a baby pink to fit your mood.
Because the polishes are mini the brush is really small so it is literally perfect for my nails, owning small hands with small fingernails it made the whole process a lot easier.
The polish dry’s fairly quickly, although a good tip is a minute after you have applied any nail polish dip your fingers in cold water and it will help to freeze the polish and dry it quicker. Sounds bizarre but it works a treat!
I am writing and posting this blog post a week and a half after I first applied the polish and it is still in tack and shows barely any chips, good old OPI!

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