Friday, 11 July 2014

Keep those badgers alive!

Lush is the only place on earth that if I got to the till and my basket came to over £100 I literally would not care. For those of you who don't know Lush is one of the most amazing brands out there, not just for their products but for what they do for animal charities! All Lush products are of course vegan, can we all just sit and clap at this point please... Aren't tested on animals, handmade and smell damn good!
In May Lush came out with the Badger bath bomb, I'm only reviewing it now because I rarely have baths and only do when I'm in the mood and tonight I was dying for one. But it may be late but I just had to spread even more word about Lush.
Just how adorable is this bath bomb? Can we just... Look at his little face! I felt cruel putting him in the bath, just how ironic is that? But all the money went to save badgers so I suppose it was okay to let this little guy do his job! 
My skin is now so soft and smooth and I feel like I have done a little good deed as well, what a bonus!

Go check out Lush if you haven't already, treat yourself and save some little animals, makes it all the more worthwhile!

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