Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lorde tutorial using MAC collection!

I’m a fan of Lorde for so many reasons, her music, success and her confidence. In quite a few interviews she has spoken about her acne, not hidden it and expressed how natural it is and how women shouldn’t hide their insecurities. Finally an artist who isn’t obsessed with how she looks rather than her music!
Enough rambling I’m sure you’re here for the good stuff, her make-up. So simple but so eye catching at the same time. She keeps her face natural, the slightest contoured cheekbones, and often no blush with the odd bit of highlighting. Then ads an amp of rebellious character through her Amy Winehouse styled eyeliner and bright purple lip.
If you’re new to make-up or want to practice doing eyeliner then Lordes look is perfect for you! I filmed a YouTube tutorial of how to get her look over on my channel, (Clickable link here). Hope you enjoy!

What celebrity inspires your make-up look? I’d love to know!


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