Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bambi's got my back, well my phones anyway...

There is just something about having a cute phone case that makes life so much better. Whether it is when you’re taking a selfie in the mirror or put your phone down and the cuteness stares back up at you. Nutcase sent me this beautiful Bambi phone case, which is one of my favourite Disney characters! Nutcase phone cases are excellent quality, I will admit I have dropped my phone a hundred times since I have had this phone case on and it has remained in excellent condition, my phone and the case.
Nutcase is amazing because all you have to do is choose your own picture and upload it to the website and they do all the rest for you!

My collection of phone cases is growing and it saddens me that I am updating my contract soon. Do you have any good phone case websites? I’d love to check them out!

ALSO guys for literally ages my comment section was not working and finally being the dumb arse I am I figured out why! So if you have the time can you leave a comment so I can see if it is now working for everyone, it would be super helpful. Just comment blog posts or youtube videos you would like to see from me, I am also thinking about setting days for different type of posts to help me get organised! For example Fridays are now 'Nails of the week'. Would you guys like that?


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  2. So cute!! I wish I could get Disney cases for my phone but it's only a little Samsung thing and no where does cases ha!
    Just wanted to say that your whole schedule things is pretty awesome too - props to you for putting the effort in and keeping to it.

    Best wishes, Danielle x

    1. Thank you, it helps me stay organised so much xx


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