Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sun, sex and.. kidding but there is penguins!

Well lets kick of this chatty, rambly post by me declaring how sorry I am for not blogging because I was... well I want to say doing something productive like writing a book, doing charity work or something real impressive like starting my own business. 
To me I did something much better, I went abroad for the first time and it was my best adventure yet!

I went with my boyfriend Zack and his lovely family, who I am so thankful for the holiday and honestly will never be able to show how thankful I am for it!

Now I know before I make you all sob with my fault in our stars style speech, I'll let the photos speak for me.
I forgot to mention but we went to Tenerife, I didn't take 100's of photos because I honestly was just having a big break from blogging. We went to this amazing zoo called Loro Park, if you're going to Tenerife go to it! Or if not just stay at home, because you're wasting your time otherwise. Can you tell I'm a massive animal lover guys?

These photos were from the killer whale show which, I'm still lost for words. It was so beautiful and entertaining.
Meet my friend Elvis, I don't know why but his little attitude just reminded me of Elvis. He was so confident, just waddling by the glass, eyeing up everyone. I had 42 pictures of him..
I wore my lion dress from ASOS because ya know, fitting or what for the occasion? For lunch at the zoo I had the nicest brownie I have ever put in between my lips! and Zack had a pizza, which of course he ate too quickly before I could sample a bite.
We went for 10 days and in the last week we went to star gaze at the top of the mountains in Tenerife, it was so beautiful but because of light affecting the stars we couldn't use any form of light. So cameras were not allowed, but it was so magical and so romantic. You know when you get all girly and think the girlest thoughts about something? Well ladies, best place in the world to get proposed to. I can promise you that!
and if you do go to Tenerife ever in your life time, go! and even if its in 50 years email me at so we can discuss how beautiful the milky way is!
At the restaurant before we went star gazing we all fell in love with the guard dog. So once again I ended up with over 50 pictures of a dog... well. So I thought I'd share this one of Dug (as I have decided to call him, comment in the comments if you know where thats from) and Zacks beautiful mum! 
We stayed in the nicest villa, which really reminded me of something from Made In Chelsea! Me and Zack spent most of our time in the pool, so I had to get some pictures to remember all the amazing memories that were created here!
I can't stop myself, animals are just too cute not to make friends with. This little lady is Oreo, she also happens to love chicken and stalking restaurants. If it was legal to bring animals back to the UK she would be chilling with Roxie and Honey right now!
I hope you enjoyed this little lifestyle/holiday post, please let me know in the commentsif you have been, lived or are going to Tenerife! I'd love to know and chat about it! 
After a break from blogging my brain is now crammed with inspirational so you can expect to see a lot of me from now on!

I also just uploaded The Disney Tag up onto my youtube channel so check that out if you love Disney or have nothing better to do!


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