Sunday, 17 August 2014

Tramp to Lady

Now I'm not an arrogant person, but I know you're all loving my nails right now ladies! And if I am being honest my nails just are not doing them any justice. I really wish I’d grown my nails longer before putting them on, as I had to chop loads of the image off.

Tears aside, I get that little gleam of happiness every time I look down at my nails because they just look so cute! Don’t you just love that, when you look down and feel all neat and tidy with freshly painted nails? When you purposely put your hands on your face so people notice them? Or maybe that’s just me…

I got these Lady and the Tramp ones of Etsy ages ago (that’s a lie Zack brought me them for Christmas in my stocking). And I only found them in my nail draw the other day and put them on immediately. They have lasted pretty well, I have had them on now for 5 days and they are only just chipping. Which for nail stickers that you put on with water is pretty good right?

I think these would be prefect for a little girl, party bags, going to Disney world. Which I’m not any or doing any of those but…

I’m hoping to start a nail series and do one ‘nail’ post a week, it will most likely be on Fridays! This means two things, more blog posts and I have something to motivate me to keep on top of my nails. 

If you have any suggestions to do with nail posts you would like to see let me know in the comments!

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