Friday, 22 August 2014

You're gonna hear me ROAR - Nails of the week!

I’m sure many of you reading this are more than likely Katy Perry fans if you got the title, we all have to have a bit of Perry in our lives aren’t I right? I’m starting a new series or shall I say schedule, but I am going to dedicate a whole post on Tuesday to what will be happening on this blog! (not much just me getting my butt organized).

Fridays are now ‘What was I wearing on my nails this week’ posts, what a mouth full. This week I was lucky enough to receive these beautiful big cat nail stickers from Ivy. A lovely seller, who is based on and sells super cheap but cute nail stickers, who says fashion, is just what you wear on your body? Nail stickers are becoming such a huge thing in the beauty and fashion market now, which I am over the moon over!

I have always had a space in my heart for nail stickers; they are so quick, effortless and so damn effective! The amount of people who have credited me on my nail art skills when really, its just a sticker… keep that between me and you!

Ivy’s nail stickers are no different. So effortless and there is no need to be waiting around for your nails to dry. You just instantly have this amazing design on your nails, you couldn’t ask for much more! I’ve had mine on for just over a week now and they still look top notch.

Best of all? Ivy’s nail stickers are £1.38 each! If you go in Boots they are like nearly a tenner… I have left her etsy shop link just under the last picture so go over and check them out; there are plenty of different designs!

What nail polish, design or nail tool have you been loving this week? I’d love to know and don’t forget to link me your blog and Bloglovin links so I can follow some new blogs!

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