Monday, 29 September 2014

The Trickster - MAC Shy Girl Review

MAC shy girl is the classiest nude I have ever laid eyes on. Its golden tones that oddly enough look really simple and elegant on the lips, paired with a deep, dark smokey eye you can’t go wrong!

When Shy Girl first came in the post with my overly expensive, perhaps ridiculous MAC order it looked completely different to how it looks online and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not.

In fact I wore this shade loads of times before I actually started to like it, the reason being it didn’t suit me BUT with the right make-up to back it up, it looks bomb.

I would say if you order this online it is a lot more golden than nude in person and defiantly I think suits a more tanned complexion better. But for us pale girls a tad bit of bronzer, a smokey eye and thick eyeliner really sets this lipstick on fire!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

On Wednesday's we're still wearing pink...

Last week I shared with you my favourite pink lipsticks for my Wednesday Mean Girls series, this week is lip-glosses and lip crayons!

The first lip-gloss I recommend is by far the fanciest and something even Gretchen herself might wear. Dior lip-glosses are perfection, they’re not sticky, they last ages and Dior has the most beautiful shade choices when it comes to pinks.

Rimmel’s Apocalips are amazing because they are super pigmented and look amazing on their own. Although the packaging is far from being fetch the product its self makes up for its ugliness!

Revlon’s colour bursts are also an amazing cheap option for when it comes to a pigmented lip-gloss. However I would say these have more of a quick and easy lipstick effect. Which, what could be more perfect to quickly apply when your friend is screaming for you to come shopping?

Next week I am doing my favourite pink nail polishes, so stay tuned for that!

I’d love to know if you could get one of these for free which one would you choose?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Am I pugging mad?

Is it likely that I brought this bedding because it would be cute in the background of blog pictures? Well duh, am I the only one who does this?

How friking adorable is this pug bedding? And it was only £14 from Primark, for a king size with two pillow cases… WHAT!

I just simply had to introduce you to what may become an iconic photo background here on Vavaviolet.

What do you guys use for photo backgrounds and inspiration?


Monday, 22 September 2014

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara - Review

If you love They’re Real by Benefit but are sick of paying the £18.50 price tag then there is now the perfect dupe for it out in the market! L’Oreal’s Miss Manga mascara is the ultimate dupe for Benefits number 1 mascara. It leaves the lashes perfectly separated, elongated and voluminous. All for only £8.99!

The packaging and the advert are to die for as well. I love the mixture of the simple packaging and the striking colors mixed together. The mascara dries super fast as well and saves me basically £10 instead of buying Benefits. So therefore I have discovered ladies I can now buy 3 more Starbucks a month because of that cut down!

My only critical comment is the bendy part of the wand, what is the point? Am I just being a moron or does it do nothing what so ever? Let me know in the comments if you use this mascara and you have discovered this mystery yet!


Let's talk about: Make-up for School/Work!

Make-up for school I’ve found has always been so controversial. Those girls that would stare and bitch because you forgot to blend out your foundation that day, yeah we can’t deny we all had those days ladies…

There would always be one girl who massively over drew her eyebrows on and sometimes even her lips too (admittedly I think I was that girl). But girls don’t worry because secondary/high school is all a gigantic make-up learning curve. And oh boy have I learned a thing or two!

Today I’m going to share with you girls some top products for school and if you want me to do a tips and tricks post let me know in the comments!

First things first you’ll need an utterly cute make-up bag, why? You just do girls don’t argue with me now! I always like to have a separate compartment in my makeup bag to home my bobby grips and a cute little compact mirror so I can keep an eye on when I’m looking too shiny or if my lipstick is patchy.
 Benefit porefessional, luckily I have a mini one so it fits nice and snug in my make-up bag. But this little guy is a holy grail for me, sick of looking oily? Sick of your make-up not lasting long enough? This little guy will change your life! (full review of this product here)

Now as teenagers we suffer with acne, acnes scars or just that pesky spot that decides to pop up on photo day. Maybelline’s fit me concealer is ever so cheap and has the most amazing coverage. You can wear it as a ‘foundation’ or as back up to help cover up unwanted things.

I use collections concealer to brighten under my eyes because come on… who doesn’t look like a zombie on a school morning?

Estee Lauders foundation, looking for full coverage? This product always has my back, well my face but still. (full review of this product here)

MAC’s mineralize skin finish is such a beautiful light powder, yet it adds amazing coverage and gives the most flawless finish! If you are just starting out with make-up I really recommend this product.

MAC’s fix plus, now… This product is my newest school trick and life in general. Have you ever over applied your foundation, concealer, and blusher? Had to remove your whole face and start over? Then missed your school bus and got a bullocking at school? I can sure tell you that was 90% of my time at school. Simply spray this on your face when you look cakey and BAM magic it all merges and your make-up will honestly look flawless.
Now these two products are for the slightly older girls or with a bit more experience (as I would personally recommend anyways). Contouring, I don’t really recommend this for school but if you have a photo day or something important sometimes its nice to make a little more effort! I would recommend L’Oreals highlighter, it blends so fast and easily just like a dream and I would also recommend Bourjois bronzer as it creates such a lovely, natural shadow to the face.
Eyebrows, now you don’t really want to spend tones of money on filling them in as its only a small job for school. I recommend the eyebrow palette by Vivo which is sold at Tesco’s! Super cheap and perfect for first timers.

Currently I love Lancome mascara’s so I just had to recommend them. But for a cheaper option go for the Miss Manga mascara by L’Oreal, the perfect dupe for Benefit’s They’re Real (and that’s a massive compliment L’Oreal)

Eyeliner can make or break a face whether its done right or not. L’Oreal’s superliner collection is amazing and there is so many to choose from, so you can find something that is really easy for you to use!Lips, again something you don’t really need for school but sometimes its nice to make a little more effort. MAC’s crème cup is a beautiful pink shade, the texture is moisturizing and it lasts for hours, literally!  Lip pencils are also amazing because they will last you a whole school day easily or if you want something really simple there’s no harm in just wearing a pretty lip-gloss on its own!

I hope these products will help you out! Let me know in the comments if you want to see more school series, to do with make-up or just even general advice for school, in the comments!
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