Thursday, 4 September 2014

Cute Stationary Alert!

I’ve been back at school for 3 days now and thanks to new stationary, fresh schoolbooks and the school smelling somewhat clean from sweat and stink bombs, I have actually been enjoying being back.

I especially have Catseye London to thank for that. Catseye sent me some beautiful back to school pieces, a folder with of course a pug on it, what else would you possibly want on a folder? A brand new make-up bag, so luckily I can chuck my old one with all those annoying eyeliner and foundation stains. How adorable is this new deer print? It reminds me of old-fashioned toys and good old Bambi! They also kindly gifted me a tin with none other than a pug printed on the lid, which I placed on my desk filled to the brim with all brand new stationary so I can stay super organized and have no excuses to hand in homework…

I used to just think Catseye only did wash bags but they have such a huge variety of stock from bags, glasses cases, compact mirrors, stationary folders and so much more handy bits and pieces for the back to school season. Now on my wish list is a new glasses case and a tote bag!

Check out Catseye London! (Clickable links)


  1. The makeup bag is adorable, what a cute design! <3

    Jess xo


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