Friday, 12 September 2014

Let's Fly Away!

Autumn is finally here which means I can finally where all the dark lipsticks and nail vanishes that I have appeared to collect over the summer. Along with my birthday, Halloween, hot chocolate and dark vampy lips autumn is defiantly my favourite season.

If you watched my duty free haul from Tenerife you will be aware that on the plane I picked up this beautiful travel exclusive collection. Ranging from nudes to wine red shades. It is the ultimate nail polish kit for autumn.

I have tested out the majority of the polishes now and my two favourites have to be Charged up Cherry a stunning hot pink and Malaga Wine a rich, intoxicating, wine red. Malaga Wine is the perfect vampy dark red, I’m so obsessed with it now and literally feel like crying when it starts to chip.

The set includes 6 shades all miniature and was only £16! Which to be honest, who ever uses up a full sized nail polish anyway? They are kind off pointless to buy full sized. OPI does so many of these beautiful, creative collections such as my favourite The Minnie Mouse Collection. I highly recommend them if you are a nail polish lover like me!

I would love to know what your favourite shade is from the collection, leave it in the comments and also any nail polishes or nail art that you think I should feature on my blog!


  1. Of those- I think the one I like best is Cajun Shrimp but they're all lovely! I'm due to start hospital placement again soon, so no more nail varnish for me for a while :(
    Jennifer xx

  2. Tickle my France-y and passion are so beautiful!


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