Wednesday, 3 September 2014

On Wednesdays we wear pink eye-shadow!

I honestly think ever since I first watched Mean Girls, Wednesdays have been cursed and all I can seem to think about is wearing pink… Although its been 10 years now since I first watched the film and I still haven’t caved and brought a ‘On Wednesdays I wear pink’ jumper, yes at times it has been tempting.

So 10 years later on my little blog I am doing a Mean Girls inspired series, especially to celebrate that this year was Mean Girls 10th anniversary, gosh I feel old! Every Wednesday for September, I will be doing a ‘My favourite product - pink version’, in celebration.

Now I’m a sucker for nude eye shadows, that classy I just popped out of a magazine gorgeous smokey eye look. I always feel ultra confidant when my smokey eye is looking on point but on Wednesdays we all need a change right ladies?

I have been loving this little eye shadow by Collection recently, I simply use a dash by where my eyeliner wings out and it creates such a pretty effect to the wing. In the pot it looks crazy and adventurous when really you can make it something quite pretty and simple. They are only £1.99 from Boots, which is perfect for testing out new colours and shades to see if they suit you.

It is that perfect, not too obvious dash of pink for a Mean Girls Wednesday!

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