Wednesday, 17 September 2014

That's so fetch!

Can you see a theme here to my favourite brands for lipstick? Literally my collection consists of MAC and Topshop lipsticks. This is ‘episode’ or ‘post’ two of my Mean Girls Wednesday series and possibly will be my favourite one, as I just can’t seem to control my lipstick collection, especially nudes and pinks.

I have an overwhelming amount of pink lipsticks so I simply choose my favourite four. MAC Candy Yum-Yum is that perfect ‘It’s Wednesday and I’m going to make a statement’, kind of lipstick. You can see it a mile off, yet it looks super pretty, especially with a simple smokey eye.

MAC Crème-Cup is my go to lipstick ever! It’s a pretty nudey pink, no matter what eye look I do this lipstick has always got my back. I think I will forever repurchase this MAC lipstick along side with Japanese Maple.  It reminds me of a really similar shade Regina George actually wore in the film.

Topshop Tease is pretty much a cheaper dupe for Candy Yum-Yum so that is why I thought I would include it, as I know not everyone wants to go out and buy a £15 lipstick. To be honest neither do I but I seem to have a problem.

Topshop Pillow Talk is a pretty powdery pink, one of the lightest pinks I own. I find this pink perfect for school and work because it’s not too in your face. Although I do think it looks a lot better when my hair is dyed dark brown.

Being my usual nosey self I would love to know what your favourite pink lipstick is in the comments, so I can go and buy it of course!

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  1. All of these lipsticks look gorgeous! I love Creme cup too, but I must try Candy Yum Yum!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl


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