Monday, 8 September 2014

Who let the dogs out!

If I ever see something, I don't care what it is with dogs on it I will purchase it! Just lucky enough Js Utopia were lovely enough to send me these adorable nail decals. For this post I'm mainly going to let the photos do the talking, as they show how cute and 'fetch' these nail decals really are. 
Not only are they cute but they lasted really well too, were easy enough to apply with a really helpful step by step tutorial on the Js Utopia website and the best for last, they are super affordable! 
I have now become super addicted to nail decals as you know and Js Utopia has quickly become my favourite, which I think I am going to be visiting regularly! They were also kind enough to give us a discount code guys! 5% may not sound crazy but for some £3 nail decals it works out to be a bit cheaper. 
They also sell body art temp tattoos which are really cool, I will be posting a blog post all about them soon enough!

I'd love to know in the comments what you guys think of these and what ones you want to purchase of their website! (

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