Friday, 31 October 2014

Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Review + Halloween chit chat

I have literally just jumped out of the bath where I spent an hour bathing with this little guy, god that sounds so wrong. I picked him up while doing my Christmas shop in Lush, I know we all do a Christmas shop in there ladies!
On the Lush website The Sparkly Pumpkin is described as 'The energising blend of juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils packs a punch. Perfect for a long, lingering soak, just make sure you get out of your bath by midnight...'
It has a beautiful spicy scent and best of all, nearly drowned me in bubbles. It created so many bubbles it was amazing! Really reminded me of the good old days of being a child when your mum would run you those crazy bubble baths.
The main reason I wanted to get this post up was to say, have an amazing night tonight for Halloween! Be extra safe, watch your drinks, don't leave your halloween contacts in all night and generally be safe guys!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween Chit Chat! & Yankee Candle Review (wednesday)

Halloween is right around the corner and it is coming too quickly as I have a thousand posts and videos to go up for Halloween. Halloween and October has and always will be my favourite occasion and month, fall, hot chocolates, designing outfits and make-up for Halloween and the creativity behind it all. 
As sad as it is I have already put up Halloween decorations all around my room, so a room tour Halloween edition will be up on my YouTube channel asap! I also currently have Halloween nail wraps on and oh I have even brought about 50 hot chocolates from Costa Coffee already. I'm a real sucker for fall!
I've had this little beauty of a candle burning in my room for the past week, from Yankee Candles Halloween collection. The scent is marsh-mellows and lingers in my room for hours and hours after I've blew it out. In the evenings it just helps me relax and wind down from the day, while making me crave hot chocolates with marsh-mellows.

This little post is just to basically ask if there is any Halloween tutorials or posts you would like to see? All suggestions are welcome, leave them in the comments or email me them at

Let the horror begin!


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I felt spendy! + PRIMARK HAUL VIDEO

So I had a spending ban and it just didn't work out between us. I went to town purely to pick up some little Halloween bits and bobs for some videos and... this happened!
 The town I went to is the home of my nearest Lush store so of course I picked up a few things. The Melting Marshmellow bath melts, Honey Bee bath bomb and the D'Fluff shaving cream (which as a lil spoiler before a review, is amazing)
Its fair to say 2 pieces of make-up from Space NK for £70 is ridiculous but it is my birthday month right? I picked up their matt foundation which I have wanted to try for ages now and their new eyeshadow palette 'and God created the woman'.
From Boots I picked up Benefits They're Real eyeliner, more Yes to wipes, a new collection concealer and some more of the Maybelline colour drama pencils.
Now I have been quite disappointed with Topshop recently, usually I spend £100's in there but lately not much has caught my eye at all. I picked up some of their Joni jeans and these adorable (around the house comfy) knickers in this funky little Homer Simpson print.
 What I actually went into town for, Halloween bits...
Paperchase is my second home, if you're after cute stationary well, look no further! I picked up more of my toast notes because I have been getting through these so quickly at school! I also picked up a adorable little bunny hole punch as I was in desperate need of one to have at home.
My new 'I'm running out the door and had to quickly make some tea' cup. I picked this up in Clinton cards and I am so in love, expect to see it in a favourites guys!
I know some people are really funny about showing underwear but I'm not modelling it and it hasn't even been worn yet. But Ann Summers was having a massive sale on, on most of their underwear so I just had to pick up some cute bras, now didn't I?

What bits and bobs have you guys purchased this month? Do you have a haul post or YouTube video? I recently uploaded a PRIMARK HAUL VIDEO so check that out (clickable link here) to see whats new in Primark this month!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Let's talk about NARS!

Nars has always been a brand I imagine the Queen wearing or even Lady Gaga herself. The make-up always looks so flawless on its pretty little shelf, gleaming in the hollywood styled mirrors and their lights. In Space NK the other week I decided to treat myself and pick up a few bits and pieces, I opted for the sheer matte foundation and the new 'God created the woman' eye-shadow palette. 

The palette came with a contour/shading brush and the primer for eye-shadow (which I have fallen head over heels in love with). The palette has six shades, four glittery and two matte. 
The shades are all ever so pretty, the pigmentation is the best I have honestly ever seen. The shadows are beautiful to blend, so smooth and effortless and it is so incredibly easy to create a striking smokey-eye. My favourite shade has to be from the bottom row the very first shade, a golden light shade which looks beautiful in the corner of the eyes. My only criticism is that the shades don't have cute little names... literally the only bad thing I have to say about this life saving little palette, which is the most perfect size for travelling. 
With the palette you get their primer for eye-shadow and their contour/shading brush. The primer is amazing and keeps the eye-shadow sticking around all day, right till the point when you take off your make-up at night. The brush I use for blending eye-shadow and oh my ladies, does it work like a dream!
I have very oily skin so of course their sheer matte foundation sounded appealing to me. First of, I like heavy coverage foundations due to my oily skin so the sheer coverage is a bit annoying but it can be built up to a fuller coverage but of course that is more time consuming in the mornings when I'm already running out the door late as it is. The foundation feels light on my skin, easy to blend and is the perfect shade match for my skin tone!

Although its still not the one for me, not my soul mate foundation sadly. If you have any fuller, matte coverage foundations you could recommend me to me I will love you forever!


Saturday, 11 October 2014

My 18th Birthday Wish List!

I'm 18 in 16 days, so so close to just being two weeks and I am over the moon with excitement. I have had a lot of requests to do more 'wish-list' posts so I thought why not do a birthday themed one? I can be such a hard person to shop for so who knows, this may even help out a family member or two!
A big aim before Christmas is to do my room up, I'm not going for a theme just filled with little bits and bobs that I love.

1. Panda sleep mask, Urban £8 (link here
Literally how adorable is he? and the fact I have to sleep in complete darkness, is pretty annoying.

2. Staghead jewellery holder, £43 (link here)
Something snazzy to hold on my jewellery. 

3. Cat fairy lights, Urban £15 (link here)
Why wouldn't you want cat fairy lights around your bed?

4. Rabbit coat hook, Debenhams £10 (link here)

5. Faux sheep skin look rug, Ikea £30 (link here)

6. Pug lamp, Urban £70 (link here)

7. Beer notebook, ASOS £8 (link here)

8. Frenchie poster, Urban Outfitters £25 (link here)

9. Disney dog, £18 Disney store (link here)

10. Skull candle in white, £8 Urban Outfitters (link here)

11. Halloween Yankee Candle, £16.99 Clintons cards (link here)

12. Lipstick holder,

13. Yankee Candle, £16.99 Clintons cards (link here)

14. Ikea draws, £20 (link here

1. Urban Decays naked basics palette - £22 (link here)
This has been on my wish-list for 2 years now and yet I still haven't managed to just pick it up, slap on the wrist Soph!

2. Origins GinZing eye-cream - £23 John Lewis (link here)
If you know me, you'll know my eye bags and well...

3. Make up brushes by Two Faced - £60 (link here)
Are these or are they just not the cutest make-up brushes you have ever seen?

4. Philosophy - John lewis

5. MAC Lipsticks - £15 each
In shades, Russian red, Snob, Myth, Coral bliss, Japanese Maple, Creme in your coffee. You can simply never have enough MAC lipsticks right ladies?

6. YSL shocking mascara - £22 John Lewis (link here)
In shade 'pure black'

7. Too Faced brow palette - £30 ASOS (link here)
Because ladies... my brows need it!

8. peppermint shower set - £18 John Lewis (link here)

9. Nars pink eye-shadows - £25 (link here)

10. Nars eyelash curler - £15 (link here)

11. Real Techniques eye brushes - £24 Boots (link here

Sorry I haven't posted much this week but I needed a little break from blogging! My birthday is next weekend and I have loads and loads of birthday and Halloween themed posts to go up so keep an eye out on this space!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Is it worth it? Glam Glow Facemask Review

Let’s kick of the week with a pamper product, we all deserve a little bit of a pamper now and again now don’t we? Lately I’ve not been feeling myself and I always find taking some time out and pampering myself always helps. Whether it is just plucking my eyebrows, painting my nails, a bath or a good old facemask!

I’ve been obsessed with Glam Glow’s Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, well what a mouth full. Its rather expensive at £25 for the 9m, do I think its worth it? Yes.

After doing this facemask compared to other facemasks my face generally does feel really clean and refreshed. The texture is kind of rough so it really helps to get rid of dead skin, old make-up and all those nasty’s that can clog up your pores. It smells awful and I can barely stand the smell however, my skin always thanks me afterwards.

The facemask is designed to be wore for 10 minutes, which I keep to as the smell drives me insane. The packaging states that they use this product in Hollywood? I’m not too sure about that, but for the price I wouldn’t be shocked. It does leave the skin looking radiant and glowing, it provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps to leave skin feeling softer.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps? Little old Eyore over here would love to know!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Wah London Nails Review!

So while I was half asleep in Boots the other week on my little lunch break I came across these amazing, crazy nails hanging up on the display. I just simply couldn’t carry on walking without throwing them in my basket, no matter how sleepy I was!

Now claw nails are not my thing at all, but guys… It’s Halloween! So I feel it is appropriate for me to pretend to be a cat this month. I loved the print of these ones; I’ve popped up a photo of the back of the packet, which has the whole range on it, but these pink ones really caught my attention.

On the nails they look so unique and are honestly so eye catching! I keep looking down at my nails and doing that little girly smile, girls I know you will know what I’m talking about!

I think tomorrow on my lunch I shall pick up some more! Next week on ‘nails of the week’ it is going to be Halloween themed, oh I am so excited for October and Halloween I can’t even hide it!

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