Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween Chit Chat! & Yankee Candle Review (wednesday)

Halloween is right around the corner and it is coming too quickly as I have a thousand posts and videos to go up for Halloween. Halloween and October has and always will be my favourite occasion and month, fall, hot chocolates, designing outfits and make-up for Halloween and the creativity behind it all. 
As sad as it is I have already put up Halloween decorations all around my room, so a room tour Halloween edition will be up on my YouTube channel asap! I also currently have Halloween nail wraps on and oh I have even brought about 50 hot chocolates from Costa Coffee already. I'm a real sucker for fall!
I've had this little beauty of a candle burning in my room for the past week, from Yankee Candles Halloween collection. The scent is marsh-mellows and lingers in my room for hours and hours after I've blew it out. In the evenings it just helps me relax and wind down from the day, while making me crave hot chocolates with marsh-mellows.

This little post is just to basically ask if there is any Halloween tutorials or posts you would like to see? All suggestions are welcome, leave them in the comments or email me them at

Let the horror begin!


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