Saturday, 11 October 2014

My 18th Birthday Wish List!

I'm 18 in 16 days, so so close to just being two weeks and I am over the moon with excitement. I have had a lot of requests to do more 'wish-list' posts so I thought why not do a birthday themed one? I can be such a hard person to shop for so who knows, this may even help out a family member or two!
A big aim before Christmas is to do my room up, I'm not going for a theme just filled with little bits and bobs that I love.

1. Panda sleep mask, Urban £8 (link here
Literally how adorable is he? and the fact I have to sleep in complete darkness, is pretty annoying.

2. Staghead jewellery holder, £43 (link here)
Something snazzy to hold on my jewellery. 

3. Cat fairy lights, Urban £15 (link here)
Why wouldn't you want cat fairy lights around your bed?

4. Rabbit coat hook, Debenhams £10 (link here)

5. Faux sheep skin look rug, Ikea £30 (link here)

6. Pug lamp, Urban £70 (link here)

7. Beer notebook, ASOS £8 (link here)

8. Frenchie poster, Urban Outfitters £25 (link here)

9. Disney dog, £18 Disney store (link here)

10. Skull candle in white, £8 Urban Outfitters (link here)

11. Halloween Yankee Candle, £16.99 Clintons cards (link here)

12. Lipstick holder,

13. Yankee Candle, £16.99 Clintons cards (link here)

14. Ikea draws, £20 (link here

1. Urban Decays naked basics palette - £22 (link here)
This has been on my wish-list for 2 years now and yet I still haven't managed to just pick it up, slap on the wrist Soph!

2. Origins GinZing eye-cream - £23 John Lewis (link here)
If you know me, you'll know my eye bags and well...

3. Make up brushes by Two Faced - £60 (link here)
Are these or are they just not the cutest make-up brushes you have ever seen?

4. Philosophy - John lewis

5. MAC Lipsticks - £15 each
In shades, Russian red, Snob, Myth, Coral bliss, Japanese Maple, Creme in your coffee. You can simply never have enough MAC lipsticks right ladies?

6. YSL shocking mascara - £22 John Lewis (link here)
In shade 'pure black'

7. Too Faced brow palette - £30 ASOS (link here)
Because ladies... my brows need it!

8. peppermint shower set - £18 John Lewis (link here)

9. Nars pink eye-shadows - £25 (link here)

10. Nars eyelash curler - £15 (link here)

11. Real Techniques eye brushes - £24 Boots (link here

Sorry I haven't posted much this week but I needed a little break from blogging! My birthday is next weekend and I have loads and loads of birthday and Halloween themed posts to go up so keep an eye out on this space!

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  1. great post! I really want to get the MAC Japanese Maple lipstick too! It seems like a great everyday shade!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl


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