Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Gift and Befriend - Make someones Christmas!

Sometimes we really do forget how lucky we are. Yes you, I'm talking to you reading this. Tucked up with your PG tips tea, clearly lucky enough to be on some form of technology to be able to read this post. I'm not wagging my finger, I'm doing the same thing (except not drinking PG tips). We all from time to time forget our luck, if you even receive a pair of socks for Christmas, you are one of the lucky ones! There are children who have never received a present, never had a turkey on Christmas day and have never experience watching that depressing episode of Eastenders on Christmas.

YOU, you can change that! I've proudly teamed up with a new and upcoming charity called Gift and Befriend. Perhaps the most amazing idea I have stumbled across in the whole of 2014.

Gift and Befriend is a charity which helps children receive that tiny bit of happiness of getting a present that truly changes their lives. Sometimes when it comes to charities I must admit I do negatively think 'Is the money even going towards these people? do they even see it? does it even make a difference?' Gift and Befriend has found a way for these questions to be answered. 

Personalised, I've highlighted this point because it is how I would describe this amazing charity in one word. You choose everything, and thats what I love about it! You can pick the child you wish to donate to and better yet, Gift and Befriend has helped the children make wish lists on Amazon Prime so you can pick them something that they are dreaming about!

Imagine that, giving a child a present they have been dreaming about. Thats a friend for life right there!

And you don’t even need to go to the trouble of wrapping or sending it yourself – Amazon does all that for you!  Amazon delivers straight to the door of the person in need.

There are options for as cheap as $2.99 on some of the children's wish list, so a variety of different prices you can choose from! Depending on what your budget it. 

I've read through many of the children's profiles and my heart has been broken. Reading about the tough lives they have lived, no child should go to bed at night unhappy! So if you can make at least one happy moment for them, its worth all the money in the world in my eyes.

As I love my readers and this cause if you donate to a child and send me the confirmation email as proof you will gain 10 ENTRIES INTO MY MAC LIPSTICK GIVEAWAY FOR CHRISTMAS!!

Any information you may need:
Website -
Want fast information? Watch this video on Gifts and Befriend -

Remember, you can make someones Christmas!


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Roasting those marsh-mellows

As soon as November the 1st comes around so does my lighter to bring my Christmas scented candles to light. I love getting into bed at night after I've been burning a candle for an hour to be greeted with a sweet, Christmasy scent. 

When the 1st came around I pulled out my Fireside treats candle and placed it on my desk, the scent instantly lingers around the room for hours on end and sometimes even days. I used to go camping all the time with my friends, admittedly it wasn't your typical camping and it did involve rebellious teenagers drinking, however there was marsh-mellows involved. So whenever I smell this candle it instantly reminds me of all those great memories, when really isn't that what we love about scents the most?

What's your favourite Christmas scent? What does it remind you off? 


Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Addictions, something we will all struggle with one day and I don’t mean drugs, alcohol or gambling. A lot of people don’t realize you can be addicted to absolutely anything, me for example, Costa Coffee hot chocolates, American Horror Story and oh don’t get me started on objects with pugs on them (as you can tell by the picture above).

It’s actually kind of scary how addicted you can get to anything, someone’s love, affection and comfort. You can be addicted to a person, scent, place, anything. Can this idea only scare me? It only really came to my attention the other night how powerful an addiction is, it tears families apart, loved ones and its even caused wars.

If you literally feel like you can’t live without something, then you’ve gone too far. So many people drink because they can’t be happy without it, the same with drugs. Addiction is something I feel quite strongly about, I’ve seen first hand what it does to a person so now I have a number of people who read my words why should I not write about it and create awareness?

If you know someone with a dangerous addiction, tell them you know, influence them to get help or if you have to make see that they do. But don’t forget, you can’t force someone to do anything, so just be there for them. Sometimes that is all a person needs, to be needed.  

What are your opinions on addictions? How do you feel about it? I’d love to know!

Maybelline Colour Drama NEW Pencils

There is something about a bright lip that just seems to perk up my mood that day. Sounds silly but often when I'm in a bad mood or having a bad day, I'll pop on a bright lip. So I was so excited when Maybelline released their Colour Drama collection, an excellent dupe of the NARS pencils with a fraction of the price!

I picked up all the shades I liked and thought I would end up wearing, too many times have I brought something because it was new out and never worn all of them (blogger problems). 

My favourite shade has to be 'Nude Perfection' the ultimate dupe of whirl by MAC. Instantly makes me look so much more mature. 

I always reach for these when I'm in a rush in the morning, they're super quick and easy to apply leaving your lips with a beautiful shape. Not only that but they have an impeccable staying power, lasting literally all day, even if I scoff down a Big Mac.

Have you tried them? What did you think? 


Monday, 17 November 2014

MAC Fix Plus Review

I'm sick of many things, the main one being my make-up seemingly running of my face at by 12pm. Also when you go out for the night and spend like two hours on your make-up just for it to last an hour. Can you see my annoyance with make-up's staying power?

Luckily enough good old MAC has solved all my problems. I have been using MAC Fix Plus now for a couple of months and I have noticed a dramatic change in how long my make-up lasts. I spray it once over my face before I apply my primer and foundation and it helps to lock all my make-up in place.

Another use this product has that is a gods sent is when you have applied too much make-up and it ends up looking cakey, simply spray this over your face and it magically smooths out your make-up, giving a flawless finish.

Want your make-up to last too? You know where to go now ladies!

Sunday, 16 November 2014


a Rafflecopter giveaway


What more could you want than MAC lipsticks dangling off a pink Christmas tree? Thats why this Christmas one of my lucky and lovely readers is going to be winning TWO MAC lipsticks of their choice! 

Yes thats right one of you reading this (perhaps you) can win two lipsticks in the shades you choose.

There will be no delivery fee of course, that is paid by me. The only information I will need from you is your address to post them to you. Of course I will ask for them over something private like email.

The winner will be announced on Christmas day, a little Christmas gift from me.

To enter you must or must start following me on Bloglovin, you must also be subscribed or subscribe to me on YouTube.

Other entries for that edge to win include, following me on Instagram and Twitter.

For a better change to win there are 14 entries in total, why not do them all and get yourself those two lipsticks you've been lusting over?

Good luck to you all and have a very merry Christmas!xx 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Pampered Pooch

Oh how I do love Fridays! The one night a week that I always dedicate time to pampering myself in same way or another. Often its simply a face-mask and a fresh new manicure. 
Today I used this handy little three piece set from Essie, which contains a base coat, a nail colour and a top coat. Perfect for travelling as they are mini and if I must say so myself the colour is beautiful!
This weeks been pretty poo so it was nice to chill out and wind down for the weekend this evening, you know when you just crave 'me time' majorly. 

What are your plans for the weekend? Mine consist of work and blogging, retail life ay!


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

When I grow up...

I used to dream about the day I could wear high heels without feeling silly, wearing lipstick without looking like a clown and most importantly being able to stroll up to Tesco's checkouts with a bottle of Rum and Vodka and handing over my ID. Now that I'm 18 and all these things and opportunities are accessible to me I want nothing more than to cuddle a TY beanie bear, while watching Looney Tunes.

This evening I am feeling particularly down about my age, but more specifically growing up. Things are dawning on me that never have before and the first one being, the dreaded money problems.

All my friends have learnt or are learning to drive. Something I desire to do but I simply can't afford it. Lessons, a provisional, a car and ugh, insurance... I can't help looking at a car and wanting to throw a rock at it out of jealousy. 

Not only money, the world and my world doesn't evolve around it and I won't let it but sometimes we have to face reality that money is and is always going to be a major part of our lives. Careers are now dawning on me, the pressure of going to university, getting amazing grades, becoming prime minister, literally the pressures are making me feel like I'm applying for prime minister.

I'm now left thinking a quote I have heard so many people speak before, 'Why did I wish my life away?'. Am I the only one who feels as if my childhood was snatched from me? Why oh why did I day dream away from Spongebob wishing I could grow up. If I could go back now I would tell my younger self to not day dream while watching Spongebob and to soak up all its weird yet wonderful moments.

I know a lot of bloggers are around my age (18) or in their 20's, did you feel like this? Whats your advice if so, I just can't seem to get my mind out of this funk. 

As writing is such a huge passion of mine Wednesday posts are now for that purpose, of writing about whatever the heck I want. In a kind of magazine, article style. Do you have any ideas of what exactly I could now title Wednesday posts? I'd love to know!

Midi Ring Collection

I've got a little photo heavy post for you on this fine Tuesday, sometimes when I'm reading blogs I like to just skim through a photo post and let my mind wander. So I thought I would share with you my midi ring collection, which to be honest is getting a bit big now. I just love the way they look with chunky rings at the bottom.

Do you guys know anywhere or any cool and quirky online stores which sell nice midi rings? Let me know in the comments or what you are currently obsessed with!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Lips like Kylie Jenner?!

If there is one thing in this world that I admire it is, Kylie Jenner’s lips. Whether they are injected, natural or simply drawn on I just can’t get enough of them. A controversial opinion but you can’t deny that they don’t suit her!

Seeing as one, I’m poor so can’t afford lip injections and two my lips resemble a piece of string, I am in desperate need of plumping these boys out. I have found a collection of lipsticks and lip pencils, high end and low end to conquer this flawless look.

Its been said that Kylie uses the lip pencils Soar and Whirl by MAC to get her darkened nude lips, I used Soar and it literally looks like the exact same shade she uses. Its staying power lasts all day, although it can be a tad drying so sometimes I will slap on a bit of Velvet Teddy by MAC to moisturize my lips.

Fantasia lip pencil by Nar’s is a perfect dupe if you want bigger lips like Kylie but don’t have the guts to wear a dark nude shade. Fantasia is one shade darker than my natural lip colour so I can easily draw my lips on a bit with it still looking natural.

But if you don’t fancy paying £15 or up for a lip pencil Nude Perfection from the new colour drama collection by Maybelline is the ultimate dupe for Soar, its only £4.99 from Boots.

What do you think of Kylie’s lips? I’d love to know!


Friday, 7 November 2014

Birthday Haul!

I have had so many requests to do a Birthday haul, so of course today that is what I am delivering! This is by no way bragging, I'm very grateful for everything I got, it was just a very highly requested post people wanted to see!
My mum got me this adorable Olaf which is a little personal joke and a money pot to help me save, she also spoilt me and got me a Ted Baker bag which sadly hasn't come yet but I will do a whole separate post when it does!
Every year my brother always gets me a box of some kind and fills it with loads of little bits and bobs that he knows I like, can we see a Frozen theme going on here guys?
My nan got me the most beautiful ring from Pandora, which is a little star. Along with a champagne glass to neck down that alcohol now!
My aunties spoilt me and gave me money each and also naughtly got me a few other bits and pieces! Lets just say, I'm currently living in these panda pjs...  
My boyfriend Zack got me the Marc Jacobs watch that I have wanted for literally years! I think he got the hint ladies. And this little adorable Pooh bear which pretty much screams at you when you push his belly, don't ask, personal joke...
Zacks family treated me to these amazing goodies, I've been applying this eye cream day and night ever since and it has been working miracles. 
The next few bits are from very close family friends, which pretty much feel like family. Jo was oh so lovely and really knows the way to this girls heart (make-up), I can't get Soar lip liner of my lips, I just want to wear it permanently. 
Ange brought me this beautiful Ted Baker make-up bag, which I have always wanted one but could never bite the bullet of my bank account and buy one myself.
Sally got me these amazing candles which leave my room smelling so delicious for days on end. She also got me a bottle of wine but er... I wonder where thats gone.
My dear friend Louise made me this beautiful 18 canvas print, which must have taken her hours as they are all singly glued on! It now hangs on my wall by my Christmas tree (yes my Christmas tree is up already) and glistens beautifully in the trees lights. Check out Louise' facebook as she has just started making bits and pieces for other people! She does it to such a high quality! (clickable link here)
My friends Leah and Sophie treated me to some Frozen and Philosophy goodies, what more could I possibly want?
My friend Kay knows my love for Topshop, especially their socks...
And of course some more chocolate and alcohol, well whats left of what I got anyways, but we will keep that a secret ay!

I know a lot of my family and friends read my blog so I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who said happy birthday, got me a gift and made my 18th so very special! It will always be a birthday that I will remember and for all the right reasons!
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