Friday, 7 November 2014

Birthday Haul!

I have had so many requests to do a Birthday haul, so of course today that is what I am delivering! This is by no way bragging, I'm very grateful for everything I got, it was just a very highly requested post people wanted to see!
My mum got me this adorable Olaf which is a little personal joke and a money pot to help me save, she also spoilt me and got me a Ted Baker bag which sadly hasn't come yet but I will do a whole separate post when it does!
Every year my brother always gets me a box of some kind and fills it with loads of little bits and bobs that he knows I like, can we see a Frozen theme going on here guys?
My nan got me the most beautiful ring from Pandora, which is a little star. Along with a champagne glass to neck down that alcohol now!
My aunties spoilt me and gave me money each and also naughtly got me a few other bits and pieces! Lets just say, I'm currently living in these panda pjs...  
My boyfriend Zack got me the Marc Jacobs watch that I have wanted for literally years! I think he got the hint ladies. And this little adorable Pooh bear which pretty much screams at you when you push his belly, don't ask, personal joke...
Zacks family treated me to these amazing goodies, I've been applying this eye cream day and night ever since and it has been working miracles. 
The next few bits are from very close family friends, which pretty much feel like family. Jo was oh so lovely and really knows the way to this girls heart (make-up), I can't get Soar lip liner of my lips, I just want to wear it permanently. 
Ange brought me this beautiful Ted Baker make-up bag, which I have always wanted one but could never bite the bullet of my bank account and buy one myself.
Sally got me these amazing candles which leave my room smelling so delicious for days on end. She also got me a bottle of wine but er... I wonder where thats gone.
My dear friend Louise made me this beautiful 18 canvas print, which must have taken her hours as they are all singly glued on! It now hangs on my wall by my Christmas tree (yes my Christmas tree is up already) and glistens beautifully in the trees lights. Check out Louise' facebook as she has just started making bits and pieces for other people! She does it to such a high quality! (clickable link here)
My friends Leah and Sophie treated me to some Frozen and Philosophy goodies, what more could I possibly want?
My friend Kay knows my love for Topshop, especially their socks...
And of course some more chocolate and alcohol, well whats left of what I got anyways, but we will keep that a secret ay!

I know a lot of my family and friends read my blog so I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who said happy birthday, got me a gift and made my 18th so very special! It will always be a birthday that I will remember and for all the right reasons!

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  1. Ah I love the cat socks and your watch!! You got spoiled :)


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