Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Gift and Befriend - Make someones Christmas!

Sometimes we really do forget how lucky we are. Yes you, I'm talking to you reading this. Tucked up with your PG tips tea, clearly lucky enough to be on some form of technology to be able to read this post. I'm not wagging my finger, I'm doing the same thing (except not drinking PG tips). We all from time to time forget our luck, if you even receive a pair of socks for Christmas, you are one of the lucky ones! There are children who have never received a present, never had a turkey on Christmas day and have never experience watching that depressing episode of Eastenders on Christmas.

YOU, you can change that! I've proudly teamed up with a new and upcoming charity called Gift and Befriend. Perhaps the most amazing idea I have stumbled across in the whole of 2014.

Gift and Befriend is a charity which helps children receive that tiny bit of happiness of getting a present that truly changes their lives. Sometimes when it comes to charities I must admit I do negatively think 'Is the money even going towards these people? do they even see it? does it even make a difference?' Gift and Befriend has found a way for these questions to be answered. 

Personalised, I've highlighted this point because it is how I would describe this amazing charity in one word. You choose everything, and thats what I love about it! You can pick the child you wish to donate to and better yet, Gift and Befriend has helped the children make wish lists on Amazon Prime so you can pick them something that they are dreaming about!

Imagine that, giving a child a present they have been dreaming about. Thats a friend for life right there!

And you don’t even need to go to the trouble of wrapping or sending it yourself – Amazon does all that for you!  Amazon delivers straight to the door of the person in need.

There are options for as cheap as $2.99 on some of the children's wish list, so a variety of different prices you can choose from! Depending on what your budget it. 

I've read through many of the children's profiles and my heart has been broken. Reading about the tough lives they have lived, no child should go to bed at night unhappy! So if you can make at least one happy moment for them, its worth all the money in the world in my eyes.

As I love my readers and this cause if you donate to a child and send me the confirmation email as proof you will gain 10 ENTRIES INTO MY MAC LIPSTICK GIVEAWAY FOR CHRISTMAS!!

Any information you may need:
Website -
Want fast information? Watch this video on Gifts and Befriend -

Remember, you can make someones Christmas!



  1. Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for letting us know about it. Will check it out.


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