Monday, 17 November 2014

MAC Fix Plus Review

I'm sick of many things, the main one being my make-up seemingly running of my face at by 12pm. Also when you go out for the night and spend like two hours on your make-up just for it to last an hour. Can you see my annoyance with make-up's staying power?

Luckily enough good old MAC has solved all my problems. I have been using MAC Fix Plus now for a couple of months and I have noticed a dramatic change in how long my make-up lasts. I spray it once over my face before I apply my primer and foundation and it helps to lock all my make-up in place.

Another use this product has that is a gods sent is when you have applied too much make-up and it ends up looking cakey, simply spray this over your face and it magically smooths out your make-up, giving a flawless finish.

Want your make-up to last too? You know where to go now ladies!
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