Wednesday, 12 November 2014

When I grow up...

I used to dream about the day I could wear high heels without feeling silly, wearing lipstick without looking like a clown and most importantly being able to stroll up to Tesco's checkouts with a bottle of Rum and Vodka and handing over my ID. Now that I'm 18 and all these things and opportunities are accessible to me I want nothing more than to cuddle a TY beanie bear, while watching Looney Tunes.

This evening I am feeling particularly down about my age, but more specifically growing up. Things are dawning on me that never have before and the first one being, the dreaded money problems.

All my friends have learnt or are learning to drive. Something I desire to do but I simply can't afford it. Lessons, a provisional, a car and ugh, insurance... I can't help looking at a car and wanting to throw a rock at it out of jealousy. 

Not only money, the world and my world doesn't evolve around it and I won't let it but sometimes we have to face reality that money is and is always going to be a major part of our lives. Careers are now dawning on me, the pressure of going to university, getting amazing grades, becoming prime minister, literally the pressures are making me feel like I'm applying for prime minister.

I'm now left thinking a quote I have heard so many people speak before, 'Why did I wish my life away?'. Am I the only one who feels as if my childhood was snatched from me? Why oh why did I day dream away from Spongebob wishing I could grow up. If I could go back now I would tell my younger self to not day dream while watching Spongebob and to soak up all its weird yet wonderful moments.

I know a lot of bloggers are around my age (18) or in their 20's, did you feel like this? Whats your advice if so, I just can't seem to get my mind out of this funk. 

As writing is such a huge passion of mine Wednesday posts are now for that purpose, of writing about whatever the heck I want. In a kind of magazine, article style. Do you have any ideas of what exactly I could now title Wednesday posts? I'd love to know!
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