Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014!

I had the most lovely, memorable Christmas I could have ever asked for and wanted to share with you guys what I got for Christmas as it was very highly requested. That quick disclaimer that we all hate, but the haters will only hate if I don't mention it ay!

This is by no way bragging, I love these blog posts and I also love to look back at how lucky I was over the years and as a little way to remember my Christmas's through the ages.

My lovely boyfriend Zackary spoilt me with these two pairs of shoes from ASOS and a white blouse and some new black trousers (currently spinning in the washing machine). I am so excited to wear my heels, god knows when but I will!

The above presents are all from my lovely mum. She kindly got me a new beauty mirror, as mine blew (most likely due to over using the poor thing). An electric toothbrush, may seem boring to some but I was so excited when I opened this bad boy as I have wanted one for the longest time! Cute little Minnie Mouse cuddly toy to add to my stupidly big Disney collection of bits and bobs. Some Topshop undies, it wouldn't be Christmas without some new ones! Some Chocolate and a Disney wash mitten from the dogs, an adorable little Winnie the Pooh ornament, this gift was extra special to me as he is writing and my mum brought it because it symbolises my passions and what I want out of life. Stephen Kings new book, I haven't put it down yet. I saw this leopard print kimono in H&M months ago and fell head over heels for it, luckily Santa caught on and popped it under the tree! A black crop top that I hinted for in Topshop a few weeks ago, and a cuddly hoodie that I can keep warm and blog to my hearts content in. 
My mum also put together a little stocking for me, you're never too old for one! I'm so thankful to everything my mum got me. She always has and always will make Christmas ever so special! 

My little nan treated me to my most favourite ever foundation, Estee Lauders Double wear. A hotty, which you put in the microwave and it keeps you all warm and this cute little chocolate purse, which, won't be a purse for much longer!
My aunty Steph put together a cute little box filled to the brim with Lush goodies and chocolate. What more could you want? I was especially excited about the Santa lip scrub!
My Aunty Ali got me my 2015 Snoopy moleskin planner that I will be using daily in 2015 and its something I have used daily for the past 4 years now, I doubt I could live without it now. 
Zacks mum, Alli and stepdad was very naughty but also very lovely and gifted me my favourite perfume. Chanel No.5, lets just say, its all I wear to bed... (any Marilyn Monroe fan will understand)
 Britt, Zacks sister who I adore very much got me these cute little Frozen figures. Which I have displayed on my windowsill, they love their new home!
Paris, Zacks other sister gifted me this adorable cushion (now living on my bed). Its fair to say, my room is half Frozen themed now.
My manager got me this little wash set from the Bodyshop and a bottle of wine, ah I wonder where the wines gone... 
 My Nans lovely friend got me these fabulous chocolates, I'm surprised they are still around to photograph.
 Angela a close family friend gifted me this adorable mug with matching socks, although I do not believe she knows that she has now added to my massive mug collection. 
Joanna knows the way to my heart and gifted me with a mug filled to the prim with beauty bits and bobs, what more could a girl ask for?

I would love to know what you got for Christmas! Or even better if you have a 'What I got for Christmas' blog post please leave it down believe as I will be checking them all out!

Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day Sales: The Beauty Edit!

The boxing day sales are perfect for us beauty and fashion bloggers, for real good prices you can stock up on beauty products to review throughout 2015 or get your grubs on some beautiful fashion pieces to spice up your fashion blogger. 

Personally I aim for half price gift sets that have a variety of a selection of products, that way for a good price I'm getting quite a few product reviews out of one purchase!

Here are a select few of some amazing bargains I found, Christmas nails? They are the ones I am currently wearing and I'm thinking of buying some more in the sale so that I can wear them again for next Christmas. Logic ay!

What bargains have you found in the sale this year? I'd love to know!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas 2014!

A blog features what you choose to show, and display to your readers. I often forget that this little corner of the web is my own, sounds silly but I do forget I can post whatever takes my fancy. Blogs are in a sense rather like an online diary, so I wanted to be able to look back one day and read about how I felt on Christmas day in 2014!

I’ve never been a frantic lover of Christmas, and have never before gone to bed on Christmas night feeling good and that warm, festive and joyful feeling I experienced today. For personal reasons, who knows maybe one day I’ll talk about it on my channel or on here but for now there are some things just best kept private.

I felt as excited as a child when their foot establishes a fall stocking on the end of their bed on Christmas morning. When they clock that the carrots have been eaten and the milk has been drunk and Santa’s even taken a swig of the whiskey. When I woke up this morning I felt that festive excitement and me and my mum sat there talking on her bed at half four in the morning till six, when we thought it was acceptable to wake up the dogs, my nan and my brother.

We spent nearly two hours opening presents, taking it slow, having a laugh, while swigging down as many coffee and tea’s as we could cope with. Roxie, my beloved Boxer-Cross Border Collie stuck her nose in every bag, present and box the nosey little thing possibly could. Honey my Jack Russell Cross sat cuddled up to us, without a clue to what was going on (her first Christmas!).

Even the dogs got their own Christmas dinner, their plates over flowing with meats, spuds and stuffing. They individually pick out the vegetables and chuck them across the kitchen!

I treated myself to a Lush Cosmetics bath, a luxurious facemask and doing my nails up all Christmassy!

Now I’m sat writing up this post so I never forget this amazing Christmas. I might as well inject a bit of my personal life now and again, it will be a nice way for me to look back and remember these amazing, cherished memories!

I Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas! I’d love to hear about it in the comments x

Friday, 19 December 2014

Festive claws! #Blogmas19

A little photo heavy post today, which for when I'm feeling lazy are my favourite type of blog posts to view. I just love looking at bloggers photography, their backgrounds and gaining inspiration from it!

ASOS were kind enough to send me these amazing festive false nails and I have been wearing them for most of December now. I have had so many compliments on them, today while Christmas shopping six sale associates that served me complimented them and can you blame them? Just how darn cute are they!

What are your favourite kind of nails to wear during this festive period? Oo and I'd love to know your plans for the holidays! 


Oh, Honey! #Blogmas18

I have a sweet tooth and you know what comes with that? A sweet nose. Well in my case anyways. I can’t get enough of sweet scents, from my marsh-mellow candle to my collection of honey shower gels; there is just something about that sweet, sweet scent!

I wanted to share with you guys my little collection of Winnie the Pooh honey, well… my shower gels. And yes it is quite sad how if I see something honey scented, girl I will chuck that product in my basket. 

My two favourites are by The Body Shop and Original source. The Body Shops retail for £4 and Original source’s is usually on offer for £1 or £2. Both have very strong, noticeable of what they are scents. From a fragment of a second after removing the cap you are greeted by the most beautiful, mouth-watering scent that lingers on the edge of the nostrils for hours!

I want to know what your favourite scent ever is, because I’m nosey like that! (Get the pun) Let me know in the comments what your favourite scent is!

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