Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas and Vlogmas!? #Blogmas17

 I cannot express my excitement for Christmas this year, anyone with me? I think I must be the only person who gets more and more excited for Christmas the older I get!

Festive themed nails, jumpers, buying loads of nightwear from Primark, costa coffee cups filled with their hot chocolate, massive food shops and oh so much more. The amount of time you spend catching up with family and friends, mulled wine and don’t forget being able to use those cute Christmas emoji’s!

But one of the things I love most about Christmas and which has become a recent thing is the blogging/vlogging world at Christmas. Vlogmas and Blogmas are just my most favourite things, I constantly have something to watch and read from my favourite YouTubers and Bloggers! I must admit, Zoella’s Vlogmas’s have become a Christmas tradition now…

I love doing Blogmas myself, it really encourages me to blog every day and you guys have been leaving such lovely comments on my posts lately and I cannot thank you enough! I read every single one and comment back asap.

I’d love if we could all have a little chat in the comments on the subject of Blogmas and Vlogmas, let me know if you’re doing either as I will read/watch them all!

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