Friday, 12 December 2014

Festive Nail Inspiration! #Blogmas12

I am a festive freak. Yes, festive freaks are now a thing! Literally I love everything festive, mugs, onesie’s, jumpers, socks and nails! I now have a massive box over flowing with Christmas themed things, that I use every year and every year I add more for the following year.

I found these little Santa false nails from Claire’s in my box and thought, ‘why not apply them?’ Now every time I look down at my nails I feel all warm and festive. I thought they might be good inspiration for you guys to do something festive with your nails!

So if you do re-create some festive nails tag me in your photo @sophie_blackman on Twitter and @vavaviolett on Instagram because I would love to see them!

You never know, you may just be the lucky winner!

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