Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Don't be a sloth this Christmas! #Blogmas3

Party season… The times can be so delightful or so regretful. Starting with those three dresses you brought, none of them looked good, fitted right and you forgot to return them. That embarrassing dance or the time you walked out of the wrong loo, ah yes, party season! But you know what, that is what makes this time of year so thrilling.

The reason I’m talking about party season today is to remind you all of doomsday, (Yes, that month full of puritanical madness that comes along with January). Every year without fail December, aka get drunk and dance on the table month passes me by so quickly and every year I never abuse it. Of course, in December everyone is filled to the brim with joy, food and covered in ugly Christmas sweaters. Then comes January, the month where everyone and their mum turns into zombies, literally. Enjoy that early payday in December, enjoy going out as much as you can and don’t forget to do something super embarrassing at your Christmas party! Because come January, we will all be poor, sober and festiveless.

On a brighter note its not only my bank account and liver I will be abusing over the next month but this little corner of the internet as well! I have so many Christmas posts to fill up your guys reading needs this month, from Christmas gift guides to Christmas party make-up, you name it!



  1. This is such a brilliant reminder to make the most of this season!! I'm looking forward to your posts and I've never been more excited for a Christmas decoration!! ;) xo

  2. Looking forward to the posts during december and what a fun little post, right on point!


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