Sunday, 7 December 2014

Home made Costa Coffee hot chocolate! #Blogmas7

 One of my favourite things about winter and this festive period is making, buying and drinking hot chocolates! I am literally and utterly obsessed with Costa Coffee’s hot chocolate, I spend way too much money on them. So I decided I was fed up of paying £3.50 a time for a hot chocolate, so found the perfect products to re-create the famous Costa Coffee hot chocolate!
 I have tried countless amounts of hot chocolate in an attempt to get that Costa Coffee taste, Cadburys, Aero even Asda’s own brand. Finally, I have found my soul mate. Galaxy’s frothy hot chocolate tastes exactly like the hot chocolate from Costa and better yet its only £3! Unlike most hot chocolates I have tried its not too sickly, not too watery and not overly chocolaty, basically it is perfection.
Costa’s hot chocolates are not completed till you have added those marsh-mellows and whip cream that you pay 40p extra for. So of course I had to add some to mine, and just went for whatever I could find because, marsh-mellows are marsh-mellows at the end of the day!

What’s your favourite wintery drink? Need some new ones to try, other than hot chocolates…


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  1. Im addicted to Costa Hot Chocolate! So glad that you've found the Galaxy Hot Chocolate, I have to try this! Thanks for bringing it into my life!!

    Eloise x


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