Saturday, 13 December 2014

My Favourite MAC Eye-Shadows! #Blogmas13

 Brule (Satin) - £13 MAC Cosmetics
 Cork (Satin) - £13 MAC Cosmetics 

Ever wondered if a MAC eye-shadow is worth making your bank account cry? £13 for one little eye-shadow, I must admit, it makes me question my existence. I may now be a tiny bit more poor but at least my eye lids look the bomb!

My favourite MAC eye-shadows are Brule and Cork, I use Brule all over the lid and simply run Cork through the crease. It ends up looking so pretty and dramatic, when really it was simply two shadows, and about 2 minutes of blending. 

They last all day and paired with some natural false eye-lashes it looks like I've spent ages on my make-up, when in reality, it was about 10 minutes for my whole face.

I really want to add to my MAC eye-shadow collection. I have pretty big brown eyes, so you brown eyed girlies let me know what you've been using!  
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