Friday, 19 December 2014

Oh, Honey! #Blogmas18

I have a sweet tooth and you know what comes with that? A sweet nose. Well in my case anyways. I can’t get enough of sweet scents, from my marsh-mellow candle to my collection of honey shower gels; there is just something about that sweet, sweet scent!

I wanted to share with you guys my little collection of Winnie the Pooh honey, well… my shower gels. And yes it is quite sad how if I see something honey scented, girl I will chuck that product in my basket. 

My two favourites are by The Body Shop and Original source. The Body Shops retail for £4 and Original source’s is usually on offer for £1 or £2. Both have very strong, noticeable of what they are scents. From a fragment of a second after removing the cap you are greeted by the most beautiful, mouth-watering scent that lingers on the edge of the nostrils for hours!

I want to know what your favourite scent ever is, because I’m nosey like that! (Get the pun) Let me know in the comments what your favourite scent is!


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