Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Philosophy's Christmas Cookie! #Blogmas9

My favourite scent of all time is Philosophy’s ‘Christmas Cookie’. Yes you have read that right, ‘Christmas Cookie’. If like me you love sweet scents this will soon be your favourite too. It reminds me of baking at Christmas time, cuddled up on Christmas Eve watching a film with some Maryland cookies and quality trees. Possibly my favourite thing to do on Christmas Eve is to take a shower with this scent, get into some Christmasy pj’s with a massive hot chocolate.

The scent smells exactly like white chocolate and what I especially love about Philosophy’s shower gels is the adorable packaging. On the front features a beautifully written recipe of the shower gel, which is just the cutest thing! Often after I’ve used a Philosophy shower gel I won’t apply perfume as the scent lingers all day. I also use it as bath bubble as it creates enormous bubbles however, I don’t use it as shampoo.

For £14 in its current Christmasy packaging it makes such a beautiful gift, for a secret Santa or for the girl in your life who loves cookies!


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