Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Under £10! #Blogmas2

For some strange reason small presents like stocking fillers are my favourite to receive, a small little present, wrapped up just seems so mysterious in my little mind. I think because it's usually something like a MAC lipstick or some cute Topshop socks, which is oh so exciting to me. I'm quite easy to please if you couldn't tell! 
I have put together this little under £10 gift guide to inspire either your Christmas wish lists, what to get someone or if you're on a budget shopping for your secret santa! Personally, if I didn't have this items already I would be over the moon to be gifted any of them!
Socks. Perhaps a strange one for some, but I LOVE receiving socks in my stocking because it saves my bank account from having to purchase them. Oh, and I have a wide collection of cool socks (still in their packaging...) These adorable Christmas ones are from Primark and were a mere £2! Perfect for filling up that stocking or as a little side present.
A sponge in the shape of a polar bear... You can see from my choices my utterly weird obsession with quirky items. I just think this is the cutest little stocking filler you can possibly get! Better yet The Body Shop has a 'Under £6' gift guide on their website, check it out I've ordered a few bits for side presents for people!
Christmas is the perfect time to get massive cups of hot chocolate down ya. So I searched for the biggest mug I could possibly find! I came across the collection called 'My Big Mug' in Paperchase and its safe to say I now own them all... I'd grab this Christmas themed one before they're all gone!
I have about 5 sets of Christmas themed nails to get me through December but this set by House of Holland is my favourite by far. Just how adorable are their little faces?
I'm pretty certain at least one Tanya Burr lover will read this post so how could I not include her beautiful eyelashes range? I've tried them out and they are to die for! and you can get so many wears out of them for only £5.49!
Perhaps the strangest thing to put in a gift guide? Ah, but I use these for a complete different use. Simply pop them on a hanger in your wardrobe and BAM all your clothes smell like God. You're welcome in advance!  
Mini's are such a perfect way to test out new products this time of year. So I really wanted to feature an example in this gift guide. Philosophy have made a range of their products into mini's that you can hang from your Christmas tree, how festive is that?
How cute of a stocking filler would these make? I get through these like toilet roll, honestly... 
This product represents 'till points' yes those dreaded till points that are filled to the brim with cute, cheap products that you just can't resist but to throw in your basket! Well this time of year is perfect to get chucking ladies!
Cute key rings, for some odd reason I love receiving cute key rings, mugs, t-shirts all those kind of bits and bobs. HMV has some amazing ones all under £5!
Last but not least, I just had to recommend some chocolate now didn't I? These pink smarties tubes are only £1 and are in literally every supermarket and local corner shop. These are both empty and its fair to say so are the rest under my bed...

I hope you saw something in this gift guide you are now lusting over or have decided to buy for someone else. Let me know in the comments if so or let me know what item you want the most out of all the above!


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