Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Tree Decoration Inspiration! #Blogmas10

 My Christmas tree is full of weird and wonderful decorations this year and in fact, every year.. I just love having random bits and bobs on my tree that have amazing memories and just represent all the things I love. I know it can be hard to find really nice decorations that aren’t tacky but also don’t break the bank, so I thought I would share with you guys some of mine!
 Golden deer, from Paperchase £2.50 (Get it here!)
 Gingerbread man £2 ASDA
 Santa, £3 Paperchase!
 Sloth, Accessorise £4.50
 Mince Pie, Paperchase £3
 Santa, John Lewis £3.50
 Mrs Gingerbread, ASDA £2
 Squirrel, John Lewis £4
 Doughnut, ASDA £2
 Robin, John Lewis £4

I hope you found some tree decoration inspiration or found some decorations that you’re going to chuck into your basket!


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