Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014!

I had the most lovely, memorable Christmas I could have ever asked for and wanted to share with you guys what I got for Christmas as it was very highly requested. That quick disclaimer that we all hate, but the haters will only hate if I don't mention it ay!

This is by no way bragging, I love these blog posts and I also love to look back at how lucky I was over the years and as a little way to remember my Christmas's through the ages.

My lovely boyfriend Zackary spoilt me with these two pairs of shoes from ASOS and a white blouse and some new black trousers (currently spinning in the washing machine). I am so excited to wear my heels, god knows when but I will!

The above presents are all from my lovely mum. She kindly got me a new beauty mirror, as mine blew (most likely due to over using the poor thing). An electric toothbrush, may seem boring to some but I was so excited when I opened this bad boy as I have wanted one for the longest time! Cute little Minnie Mouse cuddly toy to add to my stupidly big Disney collection of bits and bobs. Some Topshop undies, it wouldn't be Christmas without some new ones! Some Chocolate and a Disney wash mitten from the dogs, an adorable little Winnie the Pooh ornament, this gift was extra special to me as he is writing and my mum brought it because it symbolises my passions and what I want out of life. Stephen Kings new book, I haven't put it down yet. I saw this leopard print kimono in H&M months ago and fell head over heels for it, luckily Santa caught on and popped it under the tree! A black crop top that I hinted for in Topshop a few weeks ago, and a cuddly hoodie that I can keep warm and blog to my hearts content in. 
My mum also put together a little stocking for me, you're never too old for one! I'm so thankful to everything my mum got me. She always has and always will make Christmas ever so special! 

My little nan treated me to my most favourite ever foundation, Estee Lauders Double wear. A hotty, which you put in the microwave and it keeps you all warm and this cute little chocolate purse, which, won't be a purse for much longer!
My aunty Steph put together a cute little box filled to the brim with Lush goodies and chocolate. What more could you want? I was especially excited about the Santa lip scrub!
My Aunty Ali got me my 2015 Snoopy moleskin planner that I will be using daily in 2015 and its something I have used daily for the past 4 years now, I doubt I could live without it now. 
Zacks mum, Alli and stepdad was very naughty but also very lovely and gifted me my favourite perfume. Chanel No.5, lets just say, its all I wear to bed... (any Marilyn Monroe fan will understand)
 Britt, Zacks sister who I adore very much got me these cute little Frozen figures. Which I have displayed on my windowsill, they love their new home!
Paris, Zacks other sister gifted me this adorable cushion (now living on my bed). Its fair to say, my room is half Frozen themed now.
My manager got me this little wash set from the Bodyshop and a bottle of wine, ah I wonder where the wines gone... 
 My Nans lovely friend got me these fabulous chocolates, I'm surprised they are still around to photograph.
 Angela a close family friend gifted me this adorable mug with matching socks, although I do not believe she knows that she has now added to my massive mug collection. 
Joanna knows the way to my heart and gifted me with a mug filled to the prim with beauty bits and bobs, what more could a girl ask for?

I would love to know what you got for Christmas! Or even better if you have a 'What I got for Christmas' blog post please leave it down believe as I will be checking them all out!


  1. ah what a lovely lot of stuff you got! I love the Frozen cushion, never too old for Disney things! x

  2. You got so many gorgeous things. I love eeyore. I've done a post, feel free to click on my name to head on over to my Google+ and take a look x Happy new year x


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