Friday, 5 December 2014

You don't need to spend loads of ££! #Blogmas6

Primark slippers, £4 Cheap and cheerful Christmas gift idea. You're welcome!

Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year but oh boy, can it be the most stressful. That’s right, we’re talking money…

Christmas has this label of ‘Spend all your ££ to prove you love someone’, does the amount you spend on a gift really prove this? If you have the money to splash out on people, then hey I take my hat of to you. I respect anyone that has worked their butt off to be able to afford nice things, it inspires me, and I’ve never felt envy over it only inspirational. So don’t get my words wrong, this isn’t a hate post, it’s not an angry post and it certainly isn’t a ‘compliant’.

But Christmas in my eyes has turned into just pure ‘gifts’. That’s all it seems to be about anymore, it’s all anyone talks about. This is my first year ever that I have been excited for Christmas, the reason behind this is because of company. Who you spend Christmas with is to me, what it is all about. If Zack (my boyfriend) turned to me and said ‘Can we just buy each other a pair of socks for Christmas? And go for a meal, or have a movie night as well?’ I would be over the moon, why? Because you don’t need to spend tones of money to show you care, him alone wanting to be in my company over the Christmas period is enough to show me he cares.

I suppose the meaning behind this post is, do not feel bad if you can’t spend £100 on your mum, £80 on your boyfriend or even if you can’t afford to buy the dog a little something. Give that dog a cuddle, that’s enough to show you care and I can guarantee that dog will be over the moon!


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