Friday, 30 January 2015

Primark nails again, really?!

Yes, this is the second week in a row of wearing Primark false nails... Do I regret it? No. I of course use a good quality nail glue (by Elegant touch) and they last ages! I picked up these monochrome ones a few weeks back now and I fell in love with the first one I applied. They look so flawless and classy on the nails and match any outfit. 

What are you loving on your nails at the moment? I'd love to know!

Tomorrow I am posting my detailed review of the new Benefit mascara, so keep your eyes out for that one!


Thursday, 29 January 2015

My Favourite Foundations!

I am never happy with my make-up, unless my base looks flawless. For me personally there is nothing worse than when my skin looks bumpy or dry under my foundation, I just find it throws me from doing the rest of my make-up perfectly.

So I have a selection of foundations I always turn to for a variety of reasons. I have one for a rough skin day, when I need a lift that will make me not look like a zombie that’s just rolled right out of bed. One to cover every inch of flaw on my face for you know, those BeyoncĂ© days and one for when my bank balance is low.

Estee Lauder Double Wear has been a holy grail product for me now for a couple of years. So effortless to blend, blends to perfection, lasts hours and hours and most importantly covers every single blemish or scar. For days when I just want my make-up to look as perfect as possible I always reach for this trusty little guy. The bottle is so beautiful with a gold lid and a hefty weight to it. If you want to walk around looking photo shopped this foundation is perfect for you!

Clinique’s Anti Blemish, the first foundation I ever purchased eight years ago now and I’m still buying it. Eight years ago I had horrific acne, I was so embarrassed by it so I desperately wanted something to hide as much of it as I could. My mum agreed to let me try a foundation but the deal was I had to get one that would also help my skin. My acne is gone now, yet still to this day whenever my skin gets a few spots I wear this foundation for a couple of days and it helps so much to clear up my skin! Magic? Oh I think so.

L’Oreal True Match is my most recent lover. I purchased it as I heard it was a dupe for Estee Lauders Double Wear, the coverage is good but no where near as good as Estee Lauders. Although it does have much better coverage than any other drugstore foundation I have tried. It doesn’t cling to dry patches, doesn’t break me out and covers a great deal of blemishes for the fraction of the price! If you’re on a budget I would very highly recommend L’Oreal true match (perfect if you fake tan and need loads of different foundation shades, as the foundation has an exceptional choice of shades for the drugstore).

Foundations are very important to me as I have very sensitive acne prone skin so I’d love to hear your recommendations as well! Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned and what did you think?


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Recent Purchases! Sale, Primark, Drugstore, etc.

Awhile ago I did a post asking for your guy's favourite posts I do and ones you would like to see more of. Hauls were so highly requested, more than make-up reviews and lifestyle posts, so I thought I would share with you a few bits and pieces I have picked up recently! Today I popped into Superdrug, something I rarely do as I must admit I do much prefer Boots. I finally picked up a Tanya Burr lip gloss, some more of her eyelashes, some dry shampoo, a eye-shadow palette and a L'Oreal Salt Spray that I have been curious about for awhile! 
I also made a cheeky order on ASOS! Treating myself to this adorable shirt with pandas all over it, a black skater skirt and some black skinnies. I really needed to get more basics for my wardrobe, so I think you can agree a new pair of black skinnies is a good start?
Browsing through Calvin Klein with my best friend I spotted this little thong (TMI, we're all girls here right?) Picked it up as I thought it was cute and oh my, it is the most comfortable piece of underwear I have ever wore!
I picked this adorable Ham mug from Toy Story up in the Disney store when I was Christmas shopping with Zack, way over a month ago and I still haven't used it! Not sure whether to use it for drinking or for make-up brushes, what do you think guys?
I restrained myself so well in Primark while Christmas shopping and only picked up some false nails and some cute PJ bottoms, proud of me?
And lastly but not least, my sale findings. I was very, very good this year and avoided the sales. I simply picked up Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle for half price like I do every year and some cute Simpson nightwear from Topshop for half price. 

What have you picked up recently? Link me to your haul posts, I'd love to have a nose around!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Too Faced Brow Envy Palette - Review

In my opinion, brows frame the face. So what do you have to do when you want to frame a photo? Buy a nice, most likely overly expensive frame from somewhere like Paperchase. See where my logic is going? Brows deserve the very best.

I have admittedly never tried any of the Too Faced products before, however I have always heard such amazing things about the brand. The Chocolate palettes, lipsticks and in fact their entire eye shadow collection. So when it came to trying out their Brow Envy, I had major high expectations.
First of, the packaging. Stop reading, and take a minute to put your hands together and praise this beautiful art work. It has a slight weight to it, is easy to clean and best of all looks fab when it’s just sitting on your vanity. Inside contains a setting wax, highlighter and a blonde and a brunette shade. All of good size that would last you a very long time, it also comes with a tweezer that I would personally compare to the quality of a Tweezerman tweezer.

I use the shade ‘blonde’ to fill in my brows, it is the perfect shade for me, not too dark and not to light that it has that ashy grey kind of coloring to it. If I just fill in my brows with the blonde shade and don’t use the wax they still last all day, yes it is that good! The wax is amazing at holding my brow hairs down and keeping them in place all day. What I especially love about the wax is that it doesn’t harden; I can’t stand it when waxes harden and it feels like a hardcore work out moving your brows.
It even comes with a helpful tips and tricks booklet to help you achieve your brow goals!

I’m so desperate to try more products from Too Faced now, what would you guys recommend I test out next? Have you tried The Brow Envy? I’d love to know!

This post was kindly sponsored by, all opinions are of my own.

Friday, 9 January 2015

You've got a friend in me...

My nails this week have been Toy Story themed, say what?! Just how adorable are these nail stickers! (Loads available from Etsy) Zack brought these for me last Christmas and I have only just got round to applying them, geez. We have a personal joke where I nicknamed him Woody as to be honest, he is the human version of Woody whether he likes it or not! 

They are not as colourful on the nails as I would like, as they don't stand out as much but they are cute nether the less!

What do you think of this weeks nails? What have you been sporting on your nails this week?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Best planner for blogging - review and how to organise!

It came to my attention that there is a space in the market for the 'perfect blog planner', I've been using the same diary/planner for three years in a row now and I can happily say, it is the best planner you will ever use if you YouTube/Blog, on top of working, social life, school and taking your daily nap (I wish). 

It also came to my attention that there is no detailed reviews of this planner on the internet, including a wide range of photos so that you can see the pages in detail, what else it offers etc. So I thought I would do one myself, as I know what a tricky hunt it can be to find the perfect planner to organise your life!

I can honestly say since purchasing my first one of these planners in 2012 my grades at school generally went up as I got so crazily organised. Even my bedroom was noted down when to be tided, so it was constantly kept organised and clean!
The first few pages in the planner are completely blank, there is about 4-5 of these. What I do so I can get the most use out of them for a whole year is place sticky notes on them. So they can be easily removed and new notes, notices and important reminders can be constantly re-added to these pages. 

For example a little tip to organise your life I always make sure really important things are at the front, as every time I open my planner that is the first place my attention is drawn. By doing this I instantly want to do/finish those tasks. I keep notices for things like, homework, when to wash my hair, do my nails, you know, the important stuff...

You could also use these pages for photos, of you and your boyfriend, loved ones etc. Or a mood-board of a bunch of things that really inspire you. So that you see them every day!
The planner is also filled with loads of handy pages such as a page to write down all your details, a ruler, mini calendars, travel planning, a world map with a list of time zones, flight durations, dialling codes/plate codes, measures and conversions (super handy), and even a page on international sizes.
On the actual pages where you plan you have a whole page for each day. Bullet pointed down the side is time slots, from 8am till 8pm. Personally I like that it stops at 8pm as thats when I think you should have some 'you time' and relax for the evening. At the bottom of every page is a space to write down the temperature for that day, perfect if you're a fashion blogger and you plan outfits in advance. 

I love how the time slots are done hourly for me, saves me a great deal of time. I literally write down the slots as '8am - 9am write Monday's blog post' and it keeps me super organised and makes sure that jobs are done within a time limit. You know, so you don't get distracted by Instagram... 

Again I use post it notes to highlight important things, often I use them as a tick list if I don't want to time slot some bits. Mainly errands, I'll just write down and bullet point on a post it note so I can neatly cross them out. (Toast post it notes are from Paperchase, I know you're jealous)
The details of this planner are just so fricken' adorable, from the little Snoopy illustrations to the inspiring quotes this little guy is worth every loving penny!

Will you now be purchasing a planner? Or do you have any tips to organise your blog that you can share with us, we would all love to know!
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