Monday, 5 January 2015

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara - Review

Mascara is literally my thing, I can not get enough of it! For years I have been addicted to lipsticks, buying different shades, different brands, you name it I've tried it. But recently I think age or something must be getting to me as I have been obsessed with trying out a wide range of mascaras. 

This week I tested out Benefit Cosmetics 'Bad Gal' mascara, I love their 'They're Real' mascara so I had very high expectations for this bad boy. Compared to They're Real it is a lot more clumpy and the mascara doesn't spread as evenly as a coating you can get from They're Real. However, if like me you love a dramatic, big and quick effect you will love this mascara! Like They're Real the colour pay off on the lashes is as black as you can get, it drys relatively fast and lasts perfectly fine during the day. It did flake a bit but my YSL Shocking mascara which I love with all my heart actually flakes during the day more than this mascara does, which surprised me. 

Although it does some good things I will not be purchasing the full size as it smudged extremely easy and being a typical blogger, its just not that cute to photograph...

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it? Or do you have any mascaras to recommend or ones you would like me to review on here!

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  1. I found it tricky to get this right into the roots of my lashes and it smudged everywhere :( otherwise I used it to top up over other mascara. I absolutely love the seventeen dolled up mascara right now it has to be my favourite


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