Thursday, 1 January 2015

Favourite Beauty Products of 2014!

A round up of all my favourite, most used products that I have pretty much covered my poor face with every morning. Although my face isn't complaining, as they are my most used for a reason!

The year always seems to hit me that it has ended when I see and write these kind of blog posts. I love getting all together my favourite things as it makes me realise whats missing from my beauty bag, what I need to re-buy and it also encourages me to have my yearly beauty clean out. 

I was very picky when picking out my favourites from 2014 and have picked out a select few, the real bad boys that I will take to my grave!
Surely, its only fair to talk about my very favourite first right? Estee Lauders Foundation 'Double Wear'. I started wearing this foundation last Christmas and it has been covering my face for 90% of 2014. I love a heavy duty coverage, long lasting and a flawless, airbrushed, matt finish. This little guy delivers all, while looking all handsome in his packaging! (Full review here)
You can see from his ageing that he is a most loved lipstick of mine! Japanese Maple by MAC has served me well this year. For about 2 months I wore this lipstick every single day, I just couldn't get enough. It compliments my big brown eyes and skin tone oh so well. I actually said to the lady at the MAC counter, 'Pick out a lipstick that you think will suit me and I'll chance it and buy it'. She picked out Japanese Maple and it was a happily ever after! (Full review here)
This little Dior bad boy is one of my favourites for a numerous amount of reasons. Long lasting, beautiful shade, its Dior..., packaging and I brought it in Tenerife which is my most favourite memory of 2014. I have worn the heck out of this lipgloss and I will carry on till into 2015!
While on the topic of lips, Crazy Rumours have been one of my favourite brands of 2014. I discovered their lip balms before summer and oh how glad I am that I did. They moisturise the lips perfectly, much better than Vaseline in my opinion... 
 My favourite collection by a make-up collection this year was MAC's Maleficent collection. The packaging was to die for, just look at this little guy! I'd describe this bronzer as a slightly lighter shade than Hoola by Benefit. Its perfect for us light skinned girls who want to contour!
 Mascara's are most likely the product I have tested out the most, from a variety of brands. in 2013 I discovered my love for Babydoll by YSL and in early 2014 opted for Shocking by YSL and instantly fell head over heels for it. If you love big, dramatic, black lashes that look like natural false eye-lashes you need to give this a whirl!
 MAC eye-shadows in general are one of my favourites of 2014. Shockingly I brought my first eye-shadow by MAC this year and oh my, was I blown away. They really are worth that crazy £13 per shadow price tag, the pigment is worth making your bank account cry!

 YSL Touche elcat, and no this isn't just in my favourites for its packaging, although it is a bonus. Is the perfect highlighter, I instantly look more awake the second I dash some of this on my face. I use it for contouring and helping to banish those under eye circles and by god does it do its job and do it well!
Doing this post has really made me realise what a good brand MAC is... MAC's skinfinish powder has been my favourite for the past two years now. On a lazy 'my alarm didn't go off/I threw my alarm at a wall' kind of day I slather this all over my face and it creates a decent coverage for my face. Rather like a light/medium foundation, what more could you possibly want in a powder?
 I just had to include my favourite perfume of the year now, didn't I? Chanel No.5 wins by a milestone. Although targeted at an older audience I personally love the scent, if I was as rich as Marilyn Monroe I would too wear it to bed!
 Christmas cookie by philosophy will and always will be my favourite shower gel. The sweet scent of vanilla, cookies and white chocolate mmm...
 As you can see by the bottles saggyness this product has been much loved. Soap and Glorys 'The greatest scrub of all' has been rubbed into my face every single night of 2014. Removing remaining make-up, dead skin and all the nasties in my pores. 
 It has taken me many years but I finally this year found the perfect shaving cream. Smelling of strawberries, not leaving any rashes and leaving my skin as smooth as a babies bottom. Oh D'Fluff I love you.
Finally, I have loved curling and crimping my hair this year so protecting it has been a biggie. Not going to lie for a couple of months I used no heat defence, sigh I know... But once I started using this one by L'Oreal I noticed a change in my hair. To say this product works would be an understatement. 

What is your most loved/used product this year? If you've done a similar post link me it as I love to read them!


  1. I recently picked up doublewear and I am pretty impressed so far! Lovely post, will have to check out some more of these!

    Happy new year,

    X Emma |

  2. I love the shade of lipstick by Mac! It is a great colour for everyday wear. I wish I had got some of the Malificent products by Mac. They all look incredible x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  3. I've been lusting after the YSL Shocking mascara for aaages, it looks so lovely! x //


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