Thursday, 8 January 2015

My Favourite Nail Polishes!

I can't be the only girl who gets a small amount of pleasure from looking down at my nails and seeing a neat, beautiful manicure. I change my nails up every single week to do my Friday 'Nails of the Week' blog post, so it's fair to say I have tried out possibly every nail vanish brand out there, but probably not... 

I realised I hadn't shared with you guys my top of the top favourite nail vanishes, these are my most worn, most loved and abused nail polishes that you will always see me sporting on my nails!
Topshop's polish in the colour 'Unicorn' first off, can we take a round of applause to Topshop for that adorable polish name? It reminds me of that scene in Despicable Me where the little girl squeezes the fluffy unicorn, I've tried squeezing this polish, didn't end well.

With a baby pink finish with tiny little specs of white in the mix this is perhaps the most prettiest nail polish I own. Its certainly unique and I have not seen anything like this from any other brands, in a pink and white finish at least. 
 Barry M to start with is my ultimate favourite brand for polishes, majorly affordable and they last so well on the nails! My favourite from them 100% has to be 'Lychee', the perfect nude. This is the polish I would happily wear on something as big as my wedding day, as it literally is that movie perfect nude!

Lychee has been all up on our screens for a couple of years now, from YouTubers to Bloggers constantly talking about it and oh boy is it worth it! If you don't have it in your nail polish collection it is one you need to add, asap...
Essie's 'Wicked' is one of my newest nail vanishes but instantly became a favourite. Such a beautiful, unique vampy red shade. After 2 coats it can be mistaken for black in some lights and in others you see the beautiful red pigments. 

In 2015 I plan to wear this all through October, November, December oh and in January 2016...
Oh Chanel, this is a favourite for a kind of silly reason. I purchased it in Tenerife with Zackary so it has some sentimental value to me and every time I wear it I'm flooded with Tenerife memories. The first time I applied it was actually in Tenerife. Other than that it is just your standard black nail vanish, a classic in my opinion. Long lasting and not to mention, it's Chanel!

Because I clearly don't have enough I need more nail polishes in my life, any recommendations? I'd also love to know what your top nail vanishes are!

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  1. THAT PINK ONE! It's so glittery and gorgeous and I really need to get that!
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